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Army Mechanic Says He Tried to Save 7-Year-Old Girl

Posted June 3, 2007

— Spring Lake Police are still investigating the death of a 7-year-old girl in Cumberland County.

A 27-year-old Army mechanic told WRAL that he heard a commotion, jumped into a small pond and pulled the girl out of the water Saturday.

The girl was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Police have not released the girl’s name. They will not say if she drowned.


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  • knower Jun 4, 2007

    WRAL needs to exercise it discretion when setting stories up to be commented on. Again have a little common sense...this is not a story anyone needs to comment on regardless of your beliefs and religion. I am sure the family is only concerned with hearing from people who actually know the family and the child which should be done via a phone call or a card not a tacky email or on some forum. Again all that have commented on all of the trash being posted or are posting the trash to begin with should be ashamed of themselves. There are such issues in life or circumstances that need no comment at all. WRAL stop the madness...

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Jun 4, 2007

    It's called standing up for yourself and your beliefs. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. Check out the section in the Bible where Jesus displayed righteous anger.

  • methinks Jun 4, 2007

    its called the "high road" and "turn the other check"

  • JustDontUnderstandPpl Jun 4, 2007

    Christians do not verbally attack non-christians. Sundaysailor is entitled to his belief and no one is going to change his mind. Let him be.


    You make it sound as though Christians are not supposed to stand up for themselves. Newsflash: Jesus was meek, not weak. I refuse to allow anyone to put down my faith in any form or fashion. That is one of the problems with Christians today: they allow others to dictate where and when they may act like the Christians they are.

    Again, I will continue to pray for this family, the army mechanic, and any who don't appear to know Jesus.

  • zcorvettesalez Jun 4, 2007

    Cub Star!!

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    Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:29 pm Post subject: Whups!

    -------------------- Ike, I need a cup of coffee. Too early in the morning.


    I found this when I googled sundaysailor.

  • diwanicki Jun 4, 2007

    Everything I said here, I would say to sundaysailors face. I too am wondering why or how he is getting away with what he is doing.

  • zcorvettesalez Jun 4, 2007

    Milky, sundaysailor does have angel on his side. ROFL

    Glad to see you Milky. You keep us laughing. Don't ever stop.

  • methinks Jun 4, 2007

    One, to keep with this story, I can't imagine what this family and Army soldier is going through right now and I feel sorry for them in their loss. However....let me clarify for everyone first off that I am religious and have my faith, but....Christians do not verbally attack non-christians. Sundaysailor is entitled to his belief and no one is going to change his mind. Let him be.

  • knower Jun 4, 2007

    WRAL should be ashamed of itself for allowing people to comment on such stories...imagine if you were one of this poor child’s family members reading all of these nasty comments. And all of the people that are making such comments should also be ashamed of yourselves. I do feel bad for the family but this is not something that people should be commenting on. WRAL have a little common sense

  • .Milky Jun 4, 2007

    @Sailer- My last account was disabled for this 1 (one!) comment concerning a man charged with murder: "FYI- If you are going to glare into the camera for your mug shot, don't bother getting an attorney."

    I'd love to know what your secret is keeping your accounts alive Sailer. I'm starting to think you DO have an Angel on your side.