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Army investigates soldier's death in Iraq as homicide

Posted November 17, 2010

— The Army is investigating the July death of a Fort Bragg soldier in Iraq as a homicide, reversing its initial ruling that her death was accidental, officials said Tuesday.

Spc. Morganne M. McBeth, 19, of Fredericksburg, Va., died July 2 in Al Asad, Iraq, of injuries sustained a day earlier in a non-combat-related incident in Khan Al Baghdadi, Iraq, according to a military statement issued at the time of her death.

"The original report to CID was that the death was as a result of an accident. However, as the criminal investigation progressed, our special agents came to disbelieve the report of an accident," said Chris Grey, spokesman for the Army's Criminal Investigative Command, or CID, said in a statement.

"We take the death of this soldier very seriously and are investigating it as a homicide," Grey said.

McBeth's parents couldn't be reached Wednesday for comment, but they have publicly said that the Army has told them three different version of how their daughter died.

First, officials said she accidentally stabbed herself. Then, they said she was accidentally stabbed by another soldier. Finally, they said two other soldiers killed her.

Grey didn't release any details of the investigation, but he said no charges have been filed in the case.

"Because we try to keep families updated on our findings as the case progresses, the reports to the family very well would have changed," he said. "Keep in mind that only at the conclusion of the investigation will there be conclusive findings based on final lab results, witness statements and other issues that significantly affect a death investigation of this importance."

McBeth was a combat medic assigned to 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. The brigade deployed to Iraq in August 2009.


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  • CarolinaGirlRJA Nov 17, 2010

    Mugu; do you know how many women fight every day for your right to spill your nonsense on here? I'd like to know what you have done with YOUR life to personally contribute to this country? Probably nothing. You talk a lot of smack, but I guess it's easier for losers like you to hide behind a computer. You're disgusting!

  • genralwayne Nov 17, 2010

    Mugu...pardon me, but your ignorance and mindless prejudices are showing. Two of the best and most reliable investigative partners I had during my military career were women. I trusted them completely and there was no distraction from our duty. Fact is, I also had a gay admin specialist who did his job exceedingly well. Forget your foolish stereotypes and look to the whole person before judging their worthiness.

  • vtaub Nov 17, 2010

    If this is a case of a fellow soldier killing her (and we have no details so don't know for sure) then I hardly think the problem is that there are women in the military. The problem would be that their are murderers in the military, and they should be the one's getting the boot.

  • frankbad15 Nov 17, 2010

    MUGU, What are you talking about!!!! The ones that commited this Murder distracted our fine troops, in fact they killed one of our fine troops..

  • Camael Nov 17, 2010

    What a shame!


  • MitziGaynor Nov 17, 2010

    ajfuddermukker: so in your opinion all military are enemies? Get real. Stupid comments off the cuff just to bash the military.

    No one here even knows the facts of how she died. Was it a fellow soldier? Was it someone from an allied troop? Was it non-military personell? Was it a local that is permitted in the area? So many unanswered questions, yet people are ready to bash our soldiers. Not saying it wasn't but I certainly have enough common sense than to make baseless accusations. Great...just Great.

  • wildcat Nov 17, 2010

    but was unable to buy alcohol.

    She did not need it. If many people would realize what alcohol can do to your body even taking your life, you would think twice about taking that one or two drinks. No a drinker and proud of it.

  • kbo80 Nov 17, 2010

    19 wow she was able to be at war at such a young age but was unable to buy alcohol.

  • sssh.. whisper Nov 17, 2010

    RIP Soldier. May the person(s)responisble be found soon. Prayers to your family.

  • carrboroyouth Nov 17, 2010

    The Fox - the same thought crossed my mind. Maybe it's just the focus of the media but it seems both abroad and at home that female military murders are prevalent.