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Armed Men Rob Bank in Vass

Posted July 7, 2007

— Three armed men robbed a bank in Vass late Friday afternoon, said the Moore County Sheriff's Office.

Three men entered the First Bank branch and pulled out handguns shortly after 5 p.m., said sheriff's deputies.

Surveillance footage shows them forcing the teller to give them money at gunpoint.

The men fled in a dark green Mazda Protege, which was found abandoned about 5 miles from the bank. Deputies said the Protege had been reported as stolen from Robeson County.

Anyone with information about the bank robbery is asked to call the Moore County Sheriff's Office at 910-947-2931.


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  • Its only me Jul 9, 2007

    I live near here and it is just getting WAY to close to home. I hope that these people are caught and brought to justice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAX Jul 8, 2007

    There is a community center for these people. They can associate with more just like themselves. Its called PRISON.

  • oldrebel Jul 7, 2007

    re: "Why do people rob banks?" from At Work......answer,"Because that's where the money is." Willie Sutton

  • Johnathan Jul 7, 2007

    mississippiman, you are outside your mind. To even think the things you have said is just rediculus. (Most white men don't know how to steal a car and most white men do not know how to use a handgun) What planet are you from. All it takes is watching TV, playing video games, searching the internet and oh not to metion reading books, to tell you how to do somthing. But I guess white men do not know how to do none of these, right? Fact is that most people that steal cars and rob banks do not do it at the drop of a dime. (unless they have done it before or are on drugs) If neither of the two is the case then it took some planning. This involves the who, what, where and when factors. Most do not plan the why, due to it is not a factor. You really need to think before you start making comments like this.

  • canesgirl30 Jul 7, 2007

    not all banks use dye packs. The one i work at doesnt. usually the banks in the "high crime" areas or the ones that have been hit before use them.

  • ladyblue Jul 7, 2007

    Do you think the bank put that blue dye pack to explode. It sounds like they didn't or they would have left the money in the car, don't you think. I'm not sure how that stuff works. The last place I thought people wanted to rob was a bank as hard as it is to get away with the dye and serial numbers. If it exploded I wish them luck trying to wash it out.

  • NCWorker Jul 7, 2007

    Bad form answering my own post but... Common sense is learned. Farents (again) are the first a child learns from. Having sex doesn't make a person a parent. Raising a child to have common sense and guiding them to a successful and happy life does. Stupid or criminal acts don't lead to a happy life (ecept maybe for the lawyers)...

  • parawife Jul 7, 2007

    Go to EB games and see if 3 guys have came in buying alot of gaming equipment this is where most teens monies go.

  • NCWorker Jul 7, 2007

    Why do people try crack? Everyone knows what it WILL do to you. Why do people go in swimming when ther is a shark or riptide alert? I have my own opinion, but maybe I've been watching too many "Cought on Tape" shows on TV...;-}

  • At Work Jul 7, 2007

    Why do people rob banks? Everyone knows that your going to get caught.