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App State student shot, killed at off-campus party

Posted November 22, 2009
Updated November 23, 2009

— A 19-year-old student at Appalachian State University was shot and killed during a party at an off-campus apartment in Boone Saturday night.

WFMY, a CBS affiliate in Greensboro, reports that Jay Franklin Derby, of Matthews, was shot in the Appalachian South Apartments on Faculty Street around 12:30 a.m. Paramedics said Derby was dead when they arrived.

Investigators believe the shooting may have been accidental. Derby and the shooter, whose identity hasn't been released were acquaintances, Capt. Jim Wilson told WFMY.

Mike Derby said his son was studying business and planned to be home for Thanksgiving.

The district attorney is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the shooting to determine what charges, if any, should be filed.


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  • DowntownGirl Nov 23, 2009

    As a parent, I just cannot imagine getting this phone call or any phone call telling you your child has been hurt, much less killed. And, I don't believe these apartments are owned by the university so I don't know if guns are permitted or not, but I really cannot under the necessity of a gun in Boone, or many other places frankly. And, will the kid who accidently shot his friend be prosecuted or not? Don't know. But, will that kid suffer as well. ABSOLUTELY. It's just all too sad.

  • SaltlifeLady Nov 23, 2009

    Prayers go out to this young man's family, and the shooter and his family, especially if this was accidental. This is just tragic. I do have to say though, I don't understand why there was a loaded gun in the apartment. Boone is not a mecca of criminal activity, and with the close proximity of students in that whole area, especially that close to campus, it is (and proved to be) more of a hazzard than a needed method of self-protection. Prayers to the friends of both these young men as well. Losing a friend at a young age is hard, and the holidays will never be the same for the Darby family.
    ~God Bless,
    An ASU mom

  • concerncitizen Nov 23, 2009

    Any fools can own a gun.... Putting up signs that read "No guns allowed" mean nothing to fools..... so you have friends shooting friends in places that don't allow guns, but admit fools all day long! It appears to me that more citizens are killed by law abiding first time offenders, than criminals kill citizens! Really does it matter now what the apartment rules are? This is the first shooting in this area today. How many will play out today across the country? Count even the ones where some lucky child lives after being shot! What we'll be the next story? Some 5 year old will shot him or her self or a brother or sister! Some of us will be angry because the gun was not locked up properly! I say why was the gun even in the home? How many of us really have someone break in to harm us. That's just and excuse to own a gun. Is it worth the life of another innocent person? I'm sick of calling these accidents! I want someone to pay dearly!

  • JrFan88 Nov 23, 2009

    ...Capt. Jim Wilson said the shooter and victim, Jay Franklin Derby..." "The shooter's name was not revealed".

    Hmmmm...but I think they just revealed the name?

    Where does it say the shooters name? Just where?/ Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Fishman Nov 23, 2009

    A disaster waiting to happen, drunk students and handguns.

  • Lissa13082 Nov 23, 2009

    Wow, that's really not that far "off campus". I always felt that Boone was a generally safe town/campus.

  • tarheel4life Nov 23, 2009

    "And WHY did they or one of them even have a GUN!"

    Because, every good American citizen should have a gun for self protection and for protecting everyone else against all the crazies and lower socio-economic types........and for shooting your friends.

  • me2you Nov 23, 2009

    "...Capt. Jim Wilson said the shooter and victim, Jay Franklin Derby..."
    "The shooter's name was not revealed".

    Hmmmm...but I think they just revealed the name?

  • Sea Chell Nov 23, 2009

    And WHY did they or one of them even have a GUN!~ I just don't get it!~ Have you heard any News that someone was protecting themselves with a gun, most of them with guns are the ones who are hurting others. NOT PROTECTING!~

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Nov 23, 2009

    If these are University-owned apartments, probably weren't allowed to have handguns in those apartments anyway. Sad. In this day and age, you do have to defend yourself. Not saying it happened, but if they were drinking, anyone would be careless with a gun.