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App helps shoppers park, get around North Hills

Posted June 18, 2014

— Smartphone apps can help users with a wide variety of things, and now one can help North Hills shoppers find the best parking space, remember where they parked and provide walking directions around the shopping area.

“We want to make sure people understand that when they park their car, they can park for the day and get up and walk around,” said Bonner Gaylord, North Hills general manager and Raleigh city councilman.

The idea behind the app started last year at NC DataPalooza, an event where people like software developer Eric Majewicz create ways to make freely-available data accessible to the public.

“Our initial idea was to come up with an app that helped people find parking in downtown Raleigh,” he said.

North Hills approached Majewicz about developing a smaller-scale version for the area.

Majewicz said he still plans to create a larger version for downtown Raleigh, which Gaylord said could connect people more closely with the downtown community.

“I'd love to see this deployed throughout downtown to help people find where they're wanting to go, find events that are going on, find what's going on in their community,” he said.

The app is free and available for Apple and Android devices. Just search ‘North Hills’ in the app store.


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  • NativeNC0ne Jun 19, 2014

    This is a poor reflection on North Hills. If I have to work this hard or use an app to park and navigate around, I definitely don't want to shop there!

  • Mods Hate Me Jun 19, 2014

    This app was probably very easy to make. All it has to say is that there are no parking spaces available other than in the parking garage since that's always the case.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jun 19, 2014
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    The funny thing is that my old parking spot in the old parking deck is still there. Granted it's not a spot so much as an island between support poles but it was always open when I was there. If they didn't mean for people to park there they shouldn't have made a ramp for theym to drive up.

  • Ijaz Fahted Jun 19, 2014
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    That's because they decided to make the shopping center into a complete fuster cluck.

  • Shelly Hudson-Baker Jun 19, 2014
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    Having to pay to park in North Hills is just plain GREEDY, does Kane not have enough money as it is?!?!?

  • Forthe Newssite Jun 19, 2014
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    "Why are people so afraid of a parking deck? "

    I think it's afraid of WALKING .....gotta be right in front of the store! I tend to go straight for the deck, always plenty of spaces and the walk is good

  • sinenomine Jun 19, 2014

    MONKEYBOY, regarding your comment re: people looking at cellphones while driving. In my observation that happens all the time everywhere anyway. I think that the only way to avoid it is probably to stay home and not drive at all.

  • sinenomine Jun 19, 2014

    I live very close to North Hills. I downloaded this app to my cell phone yesterday. In my opinion DADDYANKEE is absolutely right in his/her comment. This app is essentially one big advertisement for North Hills merchants.

    North Hills is an odd bird anyway with two low-end anchors, Target and Penney's. Really? If you're serious about creating a distinct upscale shopping environment then where is the Belk's? The Dillard's? The Macy's? Not a lot to conjure with. Most of the other shops are an array of constantly changing high-end boutiques filled with $60.00 T-shirts. I guess the T-shirts might come in handy at the bowling alley across Six Forks Road in the other part of North Hills.

    I wish the old mall had been preserved, restored, and expanded - in my opinion if it had been saved and resuscitated it would have been far better than what's there now.

  • Marley Higgins Jun 19, 2014
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    so they want people driving through the parking lot staring down at their phones, eh? thanks for the heads-up wral - i'll be avoiding the area more than i already do.

  • daddyankee Jun 19, 2014

    I checked the app out. It is really just a money maker for North Hills even though the app is free. The parking "feature" facilitates payments for the new controversial paid parking spots at north hills. The "news" section of the app is advertisements for all the merchants. And the "specials" feature..well they aren't special other than standard ads.