Apex teen tops off 13 years of perfect attendance

Posted June 11, 2013
Updated June 12, 2013

— Apex teen Keenan Herring graduated from Middle Creek High School on Tuesday with a perfect attendance record from kindergarten through the last day of his senior year.

“It’s hard enough to have kids in school for every day of a season versus every day of one year, but to do it for 13 straight years – that’s a superb effort by him,” said Jeremy Thompson, who coached Herring on the Middle Creek High School baseball team.

Herring downplays the achievement.

“I never liked staying home,” he said. “I figured if my friends and everybody else went to school, why not me? I could at least socialize with them and learn a couple of things instead of staying home and having to do chores all day.”

That was just fine with dad Cedric Herring, who said his son even went to school when he wasn’t feeling 100 percent.

“He would always tell me that if he didn’t feel good, he would call me,” Cedric Herring said. “But he would never call.”

Keenen said his perfect attendance honor is already bringing in job offers.

“Because they know if they want to count on somebody, they’re going to count on the guy who never missed a day of school to come into work,” he said.

But more school is in Herring’s immediate future. He said he plans to keep his perfect attendance – and keep playing baseball - while at Pitt Community College. He hasn’t chosen a major yet.

“I couldn’t be more proud as a father,” Cedric Herring said. “As I said, he’s never given me a day of trouble.”

Wake County schools said Wednesday that Victoria Bass, a graduating senior from Green Hope High School, also completed 13 years of school without missing a day.


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  • luvstoQ Jun 12, 2013

    lovetheheels, a little callus, are we? It's not OK for someone to go to schood with an 'impaired immune system', but it is OK for for someone to possibly (knowingly) sick to infect others? The last I knew Drs. say not to send a child to school sick with a fever. It's beyond belief that a child can go 13 years without any fevers on school days. Sniffles and colds are much different than an infection (bacterial) that gives your body a fever. I had three very healthy children, but they did have the occasional flu, sore throats, or upset stomachs. They did not miss school for sniffles and colds.

  • Lady Justice Jun 12, 2013

    "How many times did he go to school sick? How many others got sick because of him. Big whoop di do da because we all get sick some; and for him to give it to others is ridiculous."

    I do not know, do you? My son has been sick a couple times in the past two years. Neither time did he have a fever, and we did not get his cold. So unless you can prove he was sick and passed it on to somebody, then you have nothing.

    Congrats Keenan! You have a great attitude!

  • sllenterprises Jun 12, 2013

    Congratulations to this guy because I know how hard it is to do that! I had 12 years of perfect attendance myself and I'm 41! I was raised with stringent ethics and my family didn't believe in being out of school! And yes, I did go to school sick sometimes but it's not my fault others didn't do the same! I knew kids who simply had the sniffles and their parents would pull them out of school for days at a time! Sinex, Tylenol, and Alka Selzer cold medicine were my friends!

  • CharmedLife Jun 12, 2013

    kornfan & stageworx....very well put!!! Congrats Keenan!!

  • Killian Jun 12, 2013

    lovetheheels - No, some of us have kids with impaired immune systems and don't need someone hacking and snotting all over them simply to try to get "perfect attendance". I am all for pushing through minor stuff, but too many people martyr themselves without thinking of how their actions affect others.

  • lovetheheels Jun 12, 2013

    All you folks that scoff at a student with perfect attendance that you proclaim HAD to be going to school sick are the same kind that lay out of work for a sniffle, if you work at all. There are some people that move forward regardless of how they feel and often feel better when they get off their duff and get productive. Congrats to Keenan!

  • Billy the Kid Jun 12, 2013

    The negative posts here are unreal. Maybe he never got sick or maybe he didn't sit at home and whine about the sniffles. I wish I had worked as hard as him when I was in school, but oh well.

    Some of the golo left seems to be disappointed that this young man is not following the narrative. Ya, I said it.

  • jayb8408 Jun 12, 2013

    jma47 - so nowhere in your paragraph did you at least congradulate this young man... He stated that HE always wanted to go to school. Also, if a child is at school truely sick, they school will normally send them home without a choice.. I am not knocking your opinion, but cut the kid some slack.

  • luvstoQ Jun 12, 2013

    Show me a child not missing any school for 13 years (including K.) and I'll show you a child going to school (encouraged, forced) sick and infecting others that he is around. I knew some parents that brought their child in to be included in the morning 'roll call' then left to go back home (but, they didn't miss any school)!!!. A major attention seeker for the parents.

  • jayb8408 Jun 12, 2013

    Great Job, young man! Hats off to the parents as well... That alone will take him a long way in life.