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Apex Seeks Help in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Posted June 20, 2007

— Police are asking for the public's help in investigating a June 7 accident on N.C. Highway 55 in which a pedestrian was killed.

Louie Williams, Jr., 45, of Apex, was lying in the northbound lane of the roadway near the Lake Cameron Apartments and the Walden Creek subdivision at about 10:20 p.m. when he was struck by a Ford Mustang and killed, police said.

Investigators believe Williams might have been struck by other vehicles as well and that other witnesses to the incident haven't been interviewed.

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call Capt. Ann Stephens at 919-249-3456 or Detective Joey Best at 919-249-3475.

No charges have been filed in the case.


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  • FaceDown-AKA_Maggie Jun 22, 2007

    I grew-up up and learned to drive on this very stretch of HWY 55. Back when there were no street lights. I have to say it is not much better today. I drive that part of the road regularly. It is not well lit. I have a family member that lives in Lake Cameron. I hate pulling out of their complex; you are pulling onto a 4 lane highyway that is barely lit. My own dog was hit on HWY 55 in broad daylight, a neighbor of mine was involved in a serious accident on HWY 55 in broad daylight because the 18 wheeler following them didn't break when they did. This is a dangerous road to drive on during the day, let alone to walk across at night. The person whom initally struck the man is a digusting human-being for not stoping. If there was a person laying in the road I can attest to the fact that it would have been very difficult to have seen them. Don't blame the person whom actually stopped. I'm sure she has enough guilt.

  • staticfloor627 Jun 21, 2007

    and by the way, it was at MOST 20 feet. and she didnt call the insurance company until the next day, while the police were in contact with us all day. so yes, I guess she should be charged for having a normal humans reaction time of .5 seconds. Im sorry about your friend, but things happen. my mom has to live with this for the rest of her life. so before you say that, why don't you think about who was actually INVOLVED!

  • staticfloor627 Jun 21, 2007

    with all due respect ncrvr1, but i was one of the "children" in that car, and i saw what my mom saw, nothing until we were right on him, and at 45 miles an hour, that is NOT enough time to react, even in a sports car with strong brakes. I would like to see anyone stop in less than a second after seeing a body in DARK clothes laying on a DARK road on a DARK night. There wasn't even a moon that night.

  • mtncrvr1 Jun 20, 2007

    No charges were filed against the driver of the mustang even though that impact was deemed fatal, kinda hard to miss a person in the middle of the road even if they're down... If they'd been paying attn to the road he may still be alive today. He most certainly could have had a relapse of the heart condition and fallen, all in all it was a very unfortunate event for everyone involved. I may add that according to the eyewitness in a previous post the stang driver was more interested in calling her insurance than the guy she dragged 100+ feet...

  • ladyblue Jun 20, 2007

    Then it was possible he had another heart attack and fell in the road and other cars run over him. It's sad but sometimes the police needs more descriptions of things if they want people to hellp thelm.

  • shine Jun 20, 2007

    Why did they charge the person in the Mustang? I thought the first article I read before the update said several vehicles had run over him. Sympathy to the family.

  • mtncrvr1 Jun 20, 2007

    Per the article "Investigators believe Williams might have been struck by other vehicles as well" i.e. potentially this was a hit and run before the mustang hit him. This is an area near his residence and walking from home to the store = crossing the road. I also would like to point out that he had a heart attack about 2 months prior to this.. So if you have a relapse of a heart attack or get hit by a car you may not be able to walk...

  • shine Jun 20, 2007

    Why was he laying in the road???? Did not catch that.

  • ladyblue Jun 20, 2007

    My sympathy to the family. Someone help me out. Why was this man in the middle of highway? Do they think someone hit and run and then the other people ran over him in the road not knowing. I think I'd know if I ran over something unless I was driving a rig. This is a weird story. Maybe the man who knows him can help me out..

  • mtncrvr1 Jun 20, 2007

    Here we go again, except there's no longer a mention of alcohol.. I bet the ME found he was NOT drunk. This was a good guy, I worked with him for several years, he held a good job and was well respected. I don't want to see him belittled with speculation. Thanks to those of you that have actually shown compassion for Lou, he's left behind a wife and son.