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Apex mother charged after driving fast while taking cell photos

Posted May 6, 2009

— An Apex woman is facing charges of reckless driving and child abuse after allegedly driving her vehicle at a high rate of speed while taking photographs on her cell phone. Her two sons were in the back seat of the car at the time of the offense, police said.

Jamie Lineberry, 36, was arrested Wednesday.

On April 9, she went to the magistrate's office and filed a report accusing her ex-husband of following her, police said. A domestic violence protective order prevents the ex-husband from being near her, police said.

Lineberry told investigators, she drove her Ford Mustang at 130 mph while trying to take cell phone photos of the vehicle she believed her ex-husband was using to follow her.

Police were unable to confirm her story and could not recover the cell photos. As a result, they charged Lineberry with misdemeanor child abuse, careless and reckless driving and giving a false report to a police station.


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  • forddp May 7, 2009

    the crime is speeding with the kids in the car. the only evidence is out of her mouth. that doesn't pass the test

  • akidatplay May 7, 2009

    your right, anyone not actually knowing these people should throw out random judgements, so lets look at the article, and throw in the one from the N&O which had more details, and add her rebuttal on a rival news network. 1. She claims ex was behind her, so she turned off the road, stopped and took cell photo, then went to HSPD for child exchange and tell them he was following her and he was at HSPD 2. HSPD has her recorded as saying that ex was behind her she sped away from him at up to 130mph while trying to take cell photo of him as proof 3. HSPD also states that he did not show up at HSPD to pick up kids but the grandfather did and verified that he was not in the vacinity 4. HSPD also states that when asked for cell photo she could not produce it 5. She then goes to Wake Magistrates office and files a violation against him after HSPD already told her there was no violation 5. Conclusion: False Arrest, admitted speeding with kids on board, etc. Its up to a judge now.

  • forddp May 7, 2009

    corpus delecti requires that there be some independent evidence, not matter how slight, that a crime did in fact occur. A confession alone is not enough. According to this story that independent evidence does not exist.

  • ikit May 7, 2009

    While a read through some of these responses it very apparent that some are fully aware of the circumtances in this case. While others have no idea.

    She will hopefully get what is coming to her, she has lied so much she cant even keep the lies straight anymore, oh yes i do know alot of what is going on with the this situation. I have been there when she has tried to have her Ex arrested for being at the court house for there court date. She sometimes shows to court and other times she late and heck she even doesnt show at all.

    What i still dont understand is why speed up to get a picture of someone following you. shouldnt you slow down so they can cathc up?

  • whiffleball May 7, 2009

    Driving out of CH on 15/501 today two girls in a silver Malibu were busy taking photos of one another. They'd slow down, then speed up, slow down, speed up. I was glad to get in front of them and onto I-40. When I got near 751 here comes a car flying up on my right; them again.

    Something's gotta give with the cell phone use and driving. I've done it and admit it does take my attention away from what I'm supposed to be doing. I've started pulling over to answer or make calls. It only makes sense.

  • Adelinthe May 7, 2009

    Too many people here judging this woman without knowing all of the facts.

    If in truth the ex is abusive and has been stalking her, he's sitting back smuggly right now at what she's going through and at what others are saying about her.

    If he isn't any of the above, then why isn't he using this incident to sue for custody of the children?

    I'm thinking if she were really unhinged, he'd have plenty of evidence to do so, yet we haven't heard a scrap of that.

    A lot of things yet to be learned in this situation before any judgement should be passed.

    Praying for the chilren.

    God bless.


  • FaceDown-AKA_Maggie May 7, 2009

    I don't know what to think in this situation, because I am not in it. What I have to say, is unless you heard this women say something, you can't take it as the truth. Abusers are very good at making their victim out to be the perpatrator, it's part of their abuse and control

  • FaceDown-AKA_Maggie May 7, 2009

    Ok, so this happened in Apex according to the article, correct? Has anyone here passing judgement been stalked down a highway in Apex/Cary and called the police? If you have, then you know it is useless. Because EVERYONE including the Wake County Sheriff claims it is not their jurisdiction, because of city/town lines and the fact that you are moving. This women should not have gone as fast as she did. However, it it not as simple as calling the police.

  • akidatplay May 7, 2009

    i agree that people that are abused need to be protected by law, my cousin was killed by her abusive husband several years ago and we begged her to leave him and get a 50b against him, but also being a witness to the case going on here i have seen clearly how loopholes in that law can be used to take revenge against a husband who simply recognized his wife didn't love him anymore and he wanted to leave amicably only to have his life turned upside and be branded as an abuser without any proof at all being given. you say the protective order is just a piece of paper but i have to disagree, for him the last 18 months he can't go anywhere by himself, all of his friends and family are adjusting their schedules so that he is never alone just in case she tries to make a claim against him, 5 yrs ago i would never have thought she would pull the stunts she's pulled but now i'm just reminded of the times when she said she would make him pay if he ever tried to leave her...

  • HappyGirl08 May 7, 2009

    Well, first of all, I would not tell teh police I was driving that fast. No, that's secondly. First of all I wouldn't be driving that fast. Folks, if you think you are being followed, DRIVE TO THE POLICE STATION...DRIVE TO A POPULATED AREA AND START BLOWING YOUR HORN FOR HELP...CALL THE POLICE ON THAT CELL PHONE AND TELL THEM WHERE YOU ARE AND YOU NEED HELP.

    Don't try to take pictures of the dude "following" you and drive at a ridiculous speed. How in the name of the world did she think she was going to take his picture anyway? Did she hold her hand out the window and snap behind her?? Geez