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Apex mom sees charges dismissed

Posted September 29, 2009

— Authorities dismissed all charges against an Apex woman who told police she drove fast to evade her ex-husband.

Jamie Lineberry, 36, told investigators she drove 130 mph while trying to take cell phone photos of the vehicle she believed her ex-husband was using to follow her. Her two sons were in the back seat of her car at the time, police said.


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  • twc Sep 29, 2009

    What???? Rescue vehicles aren't even allowed to go that fast--on the ground, anyway!

    Something stinks!!!!!!

  • anonemoose Sep 29, 2009

    I think she was the only witness, and they charged her solely on her statement.

  • oceanchild71 Sep 29, 2009

    LEO's will do nothing until you have proof. Cell phone photos would have provided the proof she needed for them to follow up with the ex. Otherwise, it would be a he-said-she-said.

  • Here kitty kitty Sep 29, 2009

    How fast was he going and why didn't he get pulled?

  • Dick Sep 29, 2009

    Dial 911 so the LEOs will be able to file a report AFTER the victim is dead.

  • Ladybug Sep 29, 2009

    There's not enough information in this story to make any comments or conclusions. This is too vague! However, she should have called 911 instead of taking pictures.

  • Common Sense Man Sep 29, 2009

    I coulda told ya that was coming.

  • babbleon Sep 29, 2009

    Probably because she was in fear of her life...

  • MileageWarrior Sep 29, 2009

    why were the charges dropped? just because?