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Apex Farmers' Market needs more support

Posted April 6, 2013

— With warm temperatures slowly returning and summer getting closer, it won't be long before North Carolina residents begin enjoying an abundance of fresh produce.

For many, local farmers' markets become the go-to source for locally grown fruit and vegetables during the summer months.

The Apex Farmers' Market, which opened Saturday morning for the 2013 season, will need an uptick in attendance this season in order to continue the tradition in 2014. L&G 1 Apex Farmers' Market

Debbie Lubcker, the manager of the Apex market, said more people need to attend in order to make the market thrive. 

"We could possibly close down," she said. "I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It is what it is, you know."

A year ago, attendance dwindled over the summer after a strong start. Vendors slowly pulled out, and disappointed Apex residents quit coming. Lubcker said she's not sure vendors will stay long if attendance is low again this spring and summer. 

"I need the community to come out and support us," she said. "We need the support throughout the year, from the beginning to the end of market season."

Apex's farmers' market runs through September and is open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday. 

Shopper Julia Dovel said the whole town of Apex should be on North Salem Street every week. 

"In these times, it's important to buy local," she said. "It's important to be here every weekend." 

Town officials agree, considering the weekly boost the farmers' market brings to other Apex businesses. They held an emergency meeting earlier this week, pledging to help the market. 

Creedmoor farmer Daniel Wiebke said he counts on local markets like the one in Apex. 

"This is not my only job, but we've got four people here and that is jobs for them," he said. 

Lubcker says Saturday was a good start and added that Apex would only need about 200 people to attend the farmers' market each week to keep it in business.


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  • Not_So_Dumb Apr 10, 2013

    Agree 100% with inchworm. Went twice and the majority of the stuff for sale was not produce. Went there to buy fresh fruit and saw very little of it. Plenty of jam and jelly.

  • spydernrdu Apr 9, 2013

    More produce..you bring green tomatoes in every Saturday and I will be there every Saturday. Bring it fresh and at a good price, word of mouth will take care of the rest.

  • fishon Apr 9, 2013

    Make it a REAL Farmers Market and maybe more people will come.

    Agreed, Wake Forest has a farmers market and we stopped going since there is little in the way of actual farm products.

  • T-Man Apr 8, 2013

    Maybe I don't pay much attention, but I've lived in Apex for 8 years and this is the first I've ever heard of the farmer's market.

  • Taxpayingcitizen Apr 8, 2013

    I went one time last summer and was not at all impressed by what I saw... very little produce and very few vendors. When I go to a "farmers market" I really expect to see a bit more than I saw the only time I went.

  • angelienna Apr 8, 2013

    Lots of fresh produce would be a great way to draw people back.. we don't want to drive all over town, but honestly have to go to other places to get green tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, potatoes, etc.. a good viariety and several options would be great... Also the town should have a way to pulicize this via Facebook and let people share the link.. that will help serve as a reminder... I can guarantee more people will be reminded that way than by this article...

  • Peakway2 Apr 8, 2013

    Would love to see the Apex farmers market grow! It seems to me the area that it is in is way too small! And I agree with inchwork714, we need more produce at reasonable prices! I don't mind other little things/gifts/trinkets, I think that is fun too. Nearby stores should try helping out... more business for them if more people are drawn to come to the market!

  • inchworm714 Apr 8, 2013

    The problem with this market is NOONE HAS PRODUCE for sale. We went on Saturday and ONE booth had fruit and veggies, and they were not at a decent price. The other booths were little things here and there and chocolate. I am not at a farmers market to buy that kind of stuff nor or others, as it seems. Make it a REAL Farmers Market and maybe more people will come.