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Apartment complex is crime central in Southern Pines

Posted May 31, 2013
Updated June 3, 2013

— Southern Pines police are asking the public for help to focus on a problem apartment complex.

"The majority of our violent crime does take place in this particular community," said Robert Temme, the chief of police, of Brookside Park Apartments.

Officers are called to the Richards Street complex about 1,700 times a year, an average of four times a day, Temme said.

Efforts to work with apartment management have not improved the situation, so Temme has called a meeting with the public for June 6. He'll ask Brookside Park residents and neighbors to help him gather information for a potential lawsuit against the management company.

WRAL News left messages with the apartment offices and with the owners in California, but neither of those calls was returned.

"It's been three years to this point, and we're ready to move forward, and we hope to get some very good, positive feedback," Temme said.

Only one resident would talk about the problem Friday with WRAL News, and she didn't want to give her name. She said she is ready to see change.

"There's so much crime it's not even safe to come out at night to walk to your car," she said.

The woman, who has lived at Brookside Park for 10 years, said she worries especially about the children in the community.  

The public meeting is June 6 at 6 p.m. at the National Guard Armory, 500 W. Morganton Road.


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  • praisehimsaints Jun 4, 2013

    (Cont)The problem is not the apartments, the problem is where are the police officers whom are supposed to patroling the area? Why arent they there instead of coming when they are called to the crime scene. Over 85-90% of the time, they pull up and sit in front of the soccer field, thats some kind of patroling huh? As far as the tenents, I totally agree with the very first comment. If there is criminal activity going on that heavy, then spot it out and remove those persons who need to be removed. To label the area or the complex is wrong when you have persons from All surrounding areas (Southern Pines, Carthage, Pinehurst and ect.) and different counties, who frequent the area. There are alot of things that should be changed and put forth moving into the future. The crime rate is begining to rise in Moore Co. period. Not just inside of Brookside Park Apts.

  • praisehimsaints Jun 4, 2013

    My three children and I live at Brookside Apts. I can honestly say, that there have been a series of incidents that have taken place on the property. It's funnny however, that the police cheif states thatoofficers are called out to the apartment site for crime related issues frequently, yet, they are hardly ever here. Today for example, to police officers drove to the office, sat out in the front parkinglot for a few minutes, then drove away. Did not "patrol" the premises as they would like to make it seem. There are soccer games and practices that take place right across the street in which the parking areas and road side becomes congested. That's when I see them the most patroling the area to pass out tickets to persons whom have illegally parked along the roadsides. There has the audacity to be a police substation located right across from the office along the adjacent avenue, however, no one ever seems to be there. If they were, the crime rate here would be alot lower.

  • Alexia.1 Jun 3, 2013

    How can one complain about the owners of the apartment complex for the fact that the tenants are criminals or would-be criminals? One could say they should not be allowed to live there if they have a criminal record, but where do they live?

    If the police have to go to the complex 4 times per day, then why not move those people from the apartments to jails? If the crimes are not serious enough to put them in jail, then it would seem the apartment owners have no better reason to say they cannot live there.

    There was a similar story like this in Fayetteville where the city wanted to sue an apartment owner because its tenants were problematic. This just makes no sense to me at all.