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Anti-bullying campaign plans public shows in Apex, Raleigh

Posted September 11, 2014

The Teen Nation Tour is visiting local schools this week with young recording artists and a message about bullying.

While most of the performances will be held at schools, the tour will perform at least two public shows in the next week or so.

The first is at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in downtown Apex at 7 p.m., Friday. Doors open at 6 p.m. for a meet and greet. Another is planned at 1 p.m., Sept. 20, at Adventure Landing in Raleigh off Capitol Boulevard. 

According to the tour's website, performances feature "young emerging recording artists from around the country who perform Top 40 country, pop, and rock hits. Artists share personal bullying experiences, discuss the types of bullying, and prevention options."

The tour has reached more than 500,000 people since it started in 2012. Lee Wilson, a former business owner, police officer and veteran, started it after his son was bullied and beaten on a school bus. The incident was videotaped and posted on YouTube, the website says. 

"The video went viral, as did Wilson’s spirit to combat bullying through building awareness and prevention in schools and other venues across America," the website says.

The headliner for Friday's concert in Apex is JRyan. It also features artists Zach Matari, Collin Kozola and Kristina Lachaga. Tickets are $7 at the door. VIP tickets for the meet-and-greet are $20 at the door and limited to the first 50 guests.

The concert at Adventure Landing is free. (You don't have to pay any kind of admission charge to Adventure Landing either). There is a $20 meet and greet session as well. Call Adventure Landing at 919-872-1688 for more information. The show at Adventure Landing also includes JRyan, Lachaga and Kozola. Tru Fam, Kaylin Roberson and Delaney Ann are added to the mix.

(There is a mention of a Sept. 19 show at Halle as well on the tour's website, but that show is no longer planned).


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  • Guy Percy Sep 17, 2014
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    So dead on right!!!! The schools are now spending time and money on protecting feelings through LIP SERVICE. Sticks and stones, people.

  • heard-it-all-before Sep 13, 2014

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    you're being a bully. i'm calling the police. :)

  • apexwhimsy Sep 12, 2014

    This show was very disappointing, my son said it was barely about bulling, more about marketing the kids performing. My daughter tried to take her life a year Apex. Just because you feel bullying is a certain type of behavior, 50s Child, does not mean it's how everyone sees it. Children mimic what they see, especially in their own parents. Adults can take it, but a lot of kids cannot.

  • Typical WRAL Commenter Sep 12, 2014

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    Did they bully you because of your random capitalization of words?

  • iopsyc Sep 12, 2014

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    You sound like a blast to have a beer with.

  • 50s Child Sep 12, 2014

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    Most dictionaries agree that "relationship" means "sex". I don't go along with that lazy vague jargon either.

    My point is that now teasing is "bullying"; not inviting someone to a party is "bullying"; whispering and giggling is "bullying"; not allowing someone to sit next to you on the school bus is "bullying" - and in none of those instances is there actual or threatened physical harm.

    What a generation of helpless parents and even more helpless kids.

    Coercion and browbeating are just that: verbal pressure. Not bullying.

    Abuse and threaten fall into the category of bullying which I've already defined twice.

    As for "social bullying" (spare me), it sounds just like "stuff you'd better get used to in this life or you'll be friendless and chronically unemployed because your parents taught you to see a "bully" around every corner and people are tired of you."

  • bmac813 Sep 12, 2014

    No One got Bullied as Much as I did growing up.
    Than when I was about 19 yrs. old a Guy told me, Look Just walk away and let it go. That is the Reason They tease you because they see how much it Bothers you. From that day Forward I let it Go Over my Head and nothing Bothers me anymore, Well only One, LIBERALISM.

  • heard-it-all-before Sep 12, 2014

    all these campaigns do is a.) ensure all kids know what it is (so they can perform it well); and b.) ensure all kids do a better job at hiding it from adults. it's a fact of life, it will never go away, all this spotlight is doing is converting a normal (and yes terrible) phase of a child's life into a criminal act. these "campaigns" should only educate parents and school staff to watch for it better -- and punish better when they catch it. leave the kids out of it, they are too young to understand the complexity we adults are trying to make it out to be. give the principals their paddles back and teach your kid to defend themselves. oh and turn off that rotten television that teaches your 10yr old what the word "suicide" even means. sheez

  • NiceNSmooth Sep 12, 2014

    in Apex? but the school with the boy who tried to commit suicide because he was being bullied is in Zebulon?

  • iopsyc Sep 12, 2014

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    Most dictionaries disagree that bullying requires bodily harm (or the threat of it). Bullying can be verbal, social, and/or physical. Common definitions include terms such as coercion, abuse, threaten, browbeat, and the like.