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Another incident of stranger approaching children in Wake Forest reported

Posted January 8, 2015
Updated January 9, 2015

— Another incident of a stranger approaching a child was reported in Wake Forest on Wednesday.

“A young boy was approached by a man and said that he was to go with him, and the boy said 'my mother is right there, you're a liar,' and went straight to his mother,” said Patty Ogden, owner of Destiny Dance Institute, located at the Factory Sports Complex.

After hearing about the incident, which happened at the complex Wednesday night, Ogden sent an e-mail to her parents, encouraging them to pick up their children.

“She cares about these children greatly and re-enforces the idea that this is the right place for my child to be,” said William Stolz, whose 11-year-old daughter has danced at the studio for nine years.

Around Christmas, three children were approached by two men in Wake Forest either offering a ride or seeking help in finding a kitten, including an 8-year-old girl on Samuel Wait Lane in the Heritage Manor neighborhood and a boy on Lariat Ridge Drive in the Carriage Run neighborhood. All three children described the vehicle the men were in as a gray or silver four-door SUV with damage on the passenger side and missing the passenger-side mirror.

Wake Forest police did not have any record of Wednesday’s incident, which news of spread through Facebook, but urged residents to contact officers when they see or hear about suspicious activity.

“We recognize that people want to warn their friends and neighbors. Absolutely, we recognize that,” said Bill Crabtree, town spokesman. “And there's certainly an opportunity to do that, but first and foremost please contact the police department so we can continue to follow the leads that we receive.”

Crabtree added that police do not have a description of the man or his vehicle from Wednesday’s incident, but such would be appreciated in future instances – along with a license plate number.


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  • Kyle Clarkson Jan 12, 2015
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    Sounds like this was a hoax. No report or record of it in any local police departments.

  • AnonyMouseLOL Jan 9, 2015

    I pray they catch these creeps QUICKLY before a child IS hurt by them.

  • Kenny Dunn Jan 9, 2015
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    Give the kids a break. Most grown men can recall such details.

  • Trish Nalley Jan 9, 2015
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    He is apparently a White man around the age of 18-20. The community knows more than the police!!

  • Trish Nalley Jan 9, 2015
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    The community was aware of this a few days ago, What I don't get is how hard is it for the police to spot an Suv with damage?! Where are the surveillance cameras in the Factory? The man was apparently wearing a Mets hat at the time.

  • miseem Jan 9, 2015

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    Sounds like the parent did not report it to police. They just learned second hand after it was posted in Facebook. Where many people get all of their news these days. Not in Facebook, didn't happen. I do agree with some other posters - why no description of the race of the man or men in the vehicles? Any facial hair (I know this can change, but someone with a beard for 10 years suddenly shaving will be noticed, maybe more so than if he had not shaved it off)? An 8 year old can identify some characteristics.

  • simplylindsey2010 Jan 9, 2015

    Let's drop the political correctness, are the men, white, hispanic or black? If the men have approached the children then their ethnicity is known. Wake Forest is not big, an dthat is the sole area these men are targeting, and a specific area, east WF between Carrriage Run and Heritage. Let's try some police work and drive through neighborhoods looking for this van. Or perhaps sitting in a heated office eating doughnuts and going over the SO registry is considered police work.

  • jaquesd Jan 9, 2015

    Doesn't this sound like a hit and run aftermath?: "...with damage on the passenger side and missing the passenger-side mirror."

  • ligonmaterial23 Jan 9, 2015

    They would be sorry if they grabbed my kids and even more sorry if I catch them. Of course they would turn themselves in after 5 minutes with mine

  • hapd Jan 9, 2015

    If this occurred on Wednesday why are we just hearing about this now? Why haven't they released a video of this guy? I would think that the factory would have cameras all over the place. We should have heard about this incident right after it happened not days later. It isn't like Wake Forest PD is that busy or the news doesn't have the time to report this stuff!