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Another complaint filed against embattled Johnston County magistrate

Posted May 11, 2012

— A woman on Friday accused a Johnston County magistrate, who has a history of complaints against him, of being rude to her. 

Raquel Hinton said Magistrate Sam Blake Jr. was disrespectful to her on May 1 when she went to post bond for her boyfriend. 

Blake, who was acquitted in February of threatening to shoot and kill a crime suspect last fall, denied the accusation in a written response. 

Blake has remained on the job despite a string of complaints against him over the last 10 years. During the State Bureau of Investigation probe into threats Blake allegedly made against David Pearson last fall, Johnston County released more than 180 pages of documented complaints against him. 

Law enforcement officers, co-workers and citizens have accused Blake of lacking professionalism, behaving rudely and publicly calling other magistrates racist in complaints dating to 2002.

A Johnston County judge backed Blake in a hearing to have him removed from office Feb. 10, saying that there were too many conflicting stories to convince beyond a reasonable doubt that Blake should be removed from office.


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  • ewcheercoach May 11, 2012

    If you go to www.1270wmpm.com, they give a more detailed story. It's under Local News.

    Just FYI.

  • what_in_the____ May 11, 2012

    "As citizens, we have a right to be treated with respect by people who WE pay to serve us.".....ncpilot2

    1)Do you even know how much, of your tax money, goes directly to him? 2)How often do YOU personally sign his pay check? Answers are probably: 1) You don't know 2) Never
    It's not against the law to be rude. Not everyone who steps foot in the Magistrate's Office is a victim, just FYI

  • Scubagirl May 11, 2012

    ok, thanks ncpilot-I stand corrected. But it's obvious the deck is stacked in his favor

  • cpdtg May 11, 2012

    he is still there cause if he is let go LAWSUIT

  • Tax Man May 11, 2012

    Just keep after this man and the truth will come out. Seems like so many folks in JOCO government are corrupt. I don't go there for anything!

  • Relic May 11, 2012

    Look at who is filing the complaints. Law officers, citizens coming in to take out warrants, other magistrates. But there's not enough to convince a judge to take him out of his appointment? I suppose his defense is there is a C-O-Nspiracy against him.

  • Disabled Vet May 11, 2012

    I am surprised that they actually put a picture of him in a suit. Most of the time,even when acting as a magistrate, he dresses and acts like a "gangsta". I had a chance to observe him in action as part of a class, and I too am surprised he still has a job unless it is because of the deck of cards he has.

  • reel4fun May 11, 2012

    Sounds like he is in someones pocket

  • ncpilot2 May 11, 2012

    To "Scubagirl," Yes, I think that being rude IS a legitimate complaint. No one goes to a magistrate's office for fun. Usually, it is in response to being victimized by a crime. As a result, victims are nervous and fearful. To be victimized again by an arrogant, egotistical magistrate, is wrong. As citizens, we have a right to be treated with respect by people who WE pay to serve us.

  • ncpilot2 May 11, 2012

    There is a system wide problem within the Johnston County Magistrate's Office. I have filed a complaint against another magistrate for dereliction of duty and denial of my son's civil rights. There seems to be a general denial by those in charge as to the extent of the problem.