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Amtrak train kills man sleeping on tracks

Posted April 8, 2010

— An Amtrak train hit and killed a Lumberton man who was sleeping on the tracks Wednesday evening, police said Thursday.

Carl Jones, 46, was on the tracks near the Jones Street crossing in Pembroke, Police Chief Frank Hernandez said. It was unclear why Jones was on the tracks, and his body has been sent to the Robeson County medical examiner for toxicology tests, Hernandez said.

The Palmetto train, which Amtrak operates between New York and Savannah, Ga., was southbound at the time of the 6 p.m. incident. The train was delayed for two hours while police investigated.


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  • carla349 Apr 8, 2010

    What is with people in this state and trains??

  • speakup Apr 8, 2010

    jhouse3 - You are right. Sadly my grandfather drank into his late 70's.

  • jhouse3 Apr 8, 2010

    really? even drunk i think resting on the tracks would register as a 'bad idea'. maybe slighly less bad than say..' active volcano' or 'nuclear fuel rod containment chamber' but still a bad idea none the less.

    ya get what ya pay for...and obviously paying for 3 pints of mad dog 20/20 has a cost in the end huh?

  • speakup Apr 8, 2010

    My grandfather passed out (drunk) on the train tracks and lost is foot when he was 19. Family legend has it that he hobbled home to my grandmother in that condition. As a child I was completely freaked out by his prosthesis or artificial leg as we called it at the time. He always kept an extra hanging around in his bedroom.

  • icmfal Apr 8, 2010

    Winston: That was my first thought. After all we are now having to pay for the "do not stop on the tracks" signs.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 8, 2010

    Concerning this story, if you need to hear a "moral of the story", you don't have long to live yourself.

  • kenshi Apr 8, 2010

    Winston, the only reason they would is because Americans are so stinkin sue happy.

  • froggytroat Apr 8, 2010

    More like passed out on the tracks.

    Love how you turned this one into government bashing, good job.

  • LIVEITUP Apr 8, 2010

    Not the best place to take a nap!

  • wcumom Apr 8, 2010

    It's coming,"winston" it's coming!A few dummies and we all pay.