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American Airlines to begin nonstop flights from RDU to LA

Posted December 21, 2012

American Airlines

— Raleigh-Durham International Airport travelers soon will have another daily connection to the West Coast. American Airlines announced Friday that it will begin daily nonstop service to Los Angeles beginning on April 2.

Flight times and ticket prices are not yet known, however.

American said that information will be available on Sunday.

United Airlines began nonstop service to San Francisco in September. 

Delta Airlines already provides service between RDU and Los Angeles, but not on a daily basis. Those flights began in 2006.

American is moving to capitalize on the fact that more than 100,000 people travel between RDU and Los Angeles each year.

Teresa Damiano, RDU's deputy airport director for marketing and customer service, said about 150,000 people travel between Raleigh and Los Angeles each year.

"This flight will go a long way to meeting the demand for service from RDU to the West Coast,” said said. “It also says a lot about American’s confidence in our region that it designated RDU as part of its expansion of service to its five hubs.”

The new flight schedule also augments recent additions to RDU's service availability, include Southwest's decision to add St. Louis and Denver as destinations.

American also is following up on the success enjoyed by United in its service to San Francisco, said Mindy Hamlin, an RDU spokesperson.

"Reports are that the flight is going very well and as expected – both ways," Hamlin told WRAL News.

Business interests, especially in the high-tech sector, actively sought the San Francisco flight so executives could have easier access to Silicon Valley – and executives as well as investors there could have easier access to the Triangle.

Hamlin noted businesses also will benefit from the Los Angeles connection, especially companies involved in the video game industry. The Triangle has one of the nation's largest game development hubs.

"The game industry has a lot of relationships with companies in Los Angeles and Hollywood," Hamlin said. "Plus, Los Angeles serves as a connection for other points on the West Coast, Hawaii and Asia."

Growing demand made clear that "we need that daily connection," Hamlin noted. 


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  • lb27608 Dec 21, 2012

    "Isn't it interesting how a bankrupt company can keep operating. Sadly, the same could have been the case with GM and we would not have been ripped off for Billions."

    That wasn't the case with GM - they were to the point that liquidation was the only option out there. There was not one source of private capital that would have lent them them money to stay afloat. AA is in a different situation, and has the cash on hand to continue operations while they restructure.

  • lb27608 Dec 21, 2012

    "Article doesn't mention what aircraft they'll use - I wouldn't be surprised to learn they bought a couple of extra long range jungle jets for this one crammed in one more row of seats, and let Eagle fly it for them."

    Press release from RDU says they'll use a 737-800.

  • dlnorri Dec 21, 2012

    Looking forward to AA emerging from bankruptcy, hopefully with their work force back in good spirits, and most of their planes maintained in the USA. Have not seen if they are going to join all the other carriers and get the work done south of the border or not. Based on what I have seen they will maintain a significant maintenance staff in the Good Ole USA.

  • welfarequeen Dec 21, 2012

    Who in their right mind would want to fly to LA. I have absolutly no earthly desire to visit that state for any reason.I would rather kiss my mother-in-law on the mouth, and you don't know how much that hurts & scares me to say that. pappybigtuna

    Oh, I am certain that the populace of California is just all choked up over that statement. You don't have to kiss your mother in law sugar! Just keep kissing your sister and your dog like you normally do and everything will be just fine!

  • bohica2 Dec 21, 2012

    Article doesn't mention what aircraft they'll use - I wouldn't be surprised to learn they bought a couple of extra long range jungle jets for this one crammed in one more row of seats, and let Eagle fly it for them.

  • bombayrunner Dec 21, 2012

    I've lived in San Diego and San Francisco bay area. California is a great state to be connected to.

  • bombayrunner Dec 21, 2012

    LA is awesome. Lots to do and see there and its not far from San Diego. There is all the wine country not far, Santa Monica pier, Beverly Hills, The Reagan Library in Simi Valley, plus explore things like Death Valley, or Kings Canyon and see giant Sequoia's. ... awesome places.

  • bombayrunner Dec 21, 2012

    la la land ... love it.

  • bombayrunner Dec 21, 2012

    this is awesome.

  • jcthai Dec 21, 2012

    pappybigtuna, fwt? My family lives there. There are a million reasons to visit California. How empty and shallow you must be to say there is no reason to visit California.