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Amber Alert canceled for missing Asheville toddler

Posted June 21, 2013

— The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons canceled its Amber Alert for a missing toddler from Asheville Friday morning after a family member of the man accused of taking the boy brought him to the Asheville Police Department. 

Authorities issued the alert about 11:30 p.m. Thursday after Russell Allen Wilson Squire allegedly took 16-month-old Jayden Wilson Squire from a motel on Tunnel Road in Asheville. 

It wasn't clear who brought Jayden to Asheville police or whether or not Russell Squire would face charges in the incident. 

No other information was immediately available.


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  • turkeydance Jun 21, 2013

    Amber Alerts are being ignored since they are so frequent and apparently state-wide instead of focused in the abduction area.
    in this case...an eastern TN or northern SC/GA would make more
    sense than Wilmington or Elizabeth City....unless there were
    specific reasons to include a 400-mile-radius.

  • Krimson Jun 21, 2013

    "The system needs to make sure it's a true abduction and not 2 people's personal problems!"

    Why??? In the time it takes to figure out whether an "abduction" was "fake" or "real", a child might be dead.

    And how does the "system" make the determination that a Amber Alert is "fake" without actually finding the perpetrator, or the child??? Lucky guess??? Interrogation of the person who made the call???

    Seems like you're more worried about being inconvenienced than you are about children being kidnapped...

  • carrboroyouth Jun 21, 2013

    "I don't like Amber alerts being used when a child is abducted by a relative."

    Why? Many times the relative will harm the child! Amber Alerts are only sent out for parents who abduct if they believe harm will come to the child.

  • sllenterprises Jun 21, 2013

    Tray Cee, the reason why everyone's questioning the system is because we don't know if the child was "abducted" or simply a disgruntled mother saying the child was abducted! The problem is that in most amber alerts, the father of the child did what they felt they had to do to spend time with their children because of some unreasonable mothers who have painted the picture of that father as being a danger! In some cases they are but in a lot of cases, they aren't! My idea of abduction is pulling up to a building, physically snatching someone against their will with the sole intent of purposefuly and/or physical damage! Or maybe the father was supposed to bring the child back at 7pm and they ran over till 8pm but the mother panicked and called the police! Now that father looks like a criminal on the run and all the unnecessary press just because 2 adults can't get along! The system needs to make sure it's a true abduction and not 2 people's personal problems!

  • Sarge Jun 21, 2013

    sounds like he had second thoughts...

  • Tray Cee Jun 21, 2013

    Why does everyone think that this was an abuse of the system? Did I not read something in the article... The system is to find children that have been abducted. The article doesn't state that it was a false alarm or that the child wasn't abducted. The system worked, the child was returned safely and unharmed. And you should NEVER ignore these alerts shame on you if you said that you do.

  • sllenterprises Jun 21, 2013

    Jat, that may be true that neither parent deserves the child but statistically, most juries, judges, and social service offices will automatically give the child to the mother simply because most males are treated like second hand citizens and good for nothing else but child support payments! But I do agree with one writer where they said both males and females should do better research into the person they lay down with because we are all the victims of someone else's bad decisions!! Our society has more single parent households than at any other time in this country's existence and it's only getting worse! We used to promote husband and wife, now it's whomever happens to end up with the kids! The father is just the guy who shows up on weekends like an ROTC member!

  • anonemoose Jun 21, 2013

    Once again, another misuse of the Amber Alert system simply to solve a child custody dispute.

  • JAT Jun 21, 2013

    sllenterprises - in most of the cases, neither parent deserves to have the kid but the judge has to give it to someone. when 2 people don't truly love each other, the kid just gets thrown in the middle and it's not about "being a part of my kids life"; it's about possession of an object to keep the other person from having it.

  • Half Red Half Blue Jun 21, 2013

    "How many of you take these seriously anymore?"

    Because we are not callous and uncaring individuals like yourself...

    Amen! More and more people these days just don't care anymore unless it effects themselves. The only time when a community cares about each other is when a disaster strikes.