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Amber Alert helps aware 911 caller spot missing baby

Posted April 21, 2014

— It all matched up to the 911 caller, even down to the key details.

"I am calling from Emporia, Virginia about an Amber Alert and I may have seen the person with the child," the caller said. “The driver side door handle (is) missing and that is the vehicle that we've spotted.”

The caller knew authorities were searching for a white Suzuki XL7 after an Amber Alert was issued Friday. The driver, Robert Bryant, took his 10-month-old daughter Tamiyah after he and the baby's mother were arguing, police said. 

The fighting started at the couple's home in Angier, police said. Bryant then drove the mother, Elssy Olivares, to work at an IHOP restaurant in Garner. When she tried to get out the car, he forcefully held her and eventually made her get out on the side of Interstate 40 in Durham, police said. 

When he drove off, Bryant threatened to kill himself and the baby, authorities said.

The caller, who received the Amber Alert while driving through North Carolina, spotted the vehicle on Saturday while at a McDonalds parking lot in Emporia.

“He has got the car started, running,” the caller said. “Um, I can’t see if the child is in the car though.”

The little girl was in the car and was reunited with her mother.

Bryant was arrested and charged by Garner police with first-degree kidnapping, assault on a female and communicating threats. He was charged by Durham police on Monday with assault on a female, communicating threats and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Bryant remained in a Virginia jail Monday night. Authorities are working to bring him back to North Carolina.

In 2013, 28 Amber Alerts were requested statewide:

- 11 met the criteria for an alert

- 10 subjects were recovered

- 1 was a hoax

- Durham, with 3 alerts, had the most statewide


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  • Pepe Silvia Apr 22, 2014

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    Parents do it all the time, usually in custody battles. Its still kidnapping even if he is the father because he forcefully took her (across state lines, no less) without permission from the other parent after making threats to kill her.

  • Brenda Lawrence Apr 22, 2014
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    How can someone kidnap their own child??

  • Pepe Silvia Apr 22, 2014

    Way to go anonymous caller! Far too often when there is an Amber Alert there are comments from people either complaining about them waking them up or saying they are a hoax or some other nonsense.

    Stories like this prove exactly how useful they can be. When you see there is an Amber Alert or Silver Alert, PLEASE take a minute out of your day to actually listen or read what it says, even if you are not in the area. That minute won't kill you, but it could be a matter of life or death for someone else.

  • Terry Watts Apr 22, 2014
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    Buy that anonymous caller a steak dinner!!!

  • Number1SRO Apr 22, 2014

    They go out because they are issued by a law enforcement agency from the area where the child is abducted from.. They are broadcasted state and region wide to help locate but they are originated in the area where the child is missing from.

  • NCMom1 Apr 22, 2014

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    I think this case is just coincidental regarding the City of Durham because that happened to be where he let the mother out on 40 and where the initial call for help initiated. Had he taken the baby from home it would of initiated in Angier.

  • Anne Walker Apr 22, 2014
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    Well done, anonymous caller! In Jewish and Muslim scripture, it is said that a person who saves one life is as one who saves the whole world.

    Before the Durham decriers begin trashing Durham, I wonder if the Amber Alert is more widely used here because the alert goes out on the signs over route 147, making them more widely known here than elsewhere.