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Amber Alert canceled for two missing children

Posted July 22, 2010

— A North Carolina Amber Alert for two Columbus County boys was canceled Thursday morning after the children were located.

Authorities said they received a report at about 10:35 p.m. Wednesday that Jhamal Jakub White, 3, and Devion Kamail White, 2, had been abducted at gunpoint from the Mollie area of Columbus County by their father and a South Carolina man.

The father, D.B. Lewis White, 28, was the subject of a recent domestic violence protective order obtained by the boys' mother, authorities said.

Horry County, S.C., authorities assisted North Carolina law enforcement in checking possible locations for D.B. White, the children and the other man throughout the night and morning.

Columbus County Sheriff's Office detectives contacted White and his accomplice by phone at about 10 a.m. Thursday and were able to negotiate the safe release of the boys.

The boys were in an undisclosed safe location, authorities said.

This case remains under investigation to determine the appropriate charges, authorities said.


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  • eabdeb8176 Jul 22, 2010

    htomc42- perhaps you didn't read the article. The father has a DV charge against him via the mom. He took them at gunpoint.

  • eabdeb8176 Jul 22, 2010

    Tomlynda- Not sure what the point was in your comment. These are small kids 2 and 3 years old taken by their father by GUNPOINT. I think if it were me I'd call the police if my children who are quite young were taken by gunpoint by anyone but that's just me. He was involved in a domestic Violence case with the children's mother. That would give cause for worry for the police because there have been many a time when another parent harms a child to emotionally hurt the other. Not sure why anyone would need "their in danger" when it's been said already that they were taken by gunpoint. What did you think he had a water gun? Geez

    Billo- It's not the parent's choice in the matter if Amber alert is used. If the case fits criteria, TAKEN BY GUNPOINT, then they use the alert it's the authorities call not the mom. Not sure why people think it's the parents choice when AA is used but its not.

  • wildcat Jul 22, 2010

    The children should be remove from both parents until the issue is resolved. This matter is between the parents, so why drag the children into it?

  • GODCHILD Jul 22, 2010

    the father last name is White....

  • GODCHILD Jul 22, 2010

    tomlynda- maybe we're reading to different stories.. had been abducted at gunpoint from the Mollie area of Columbus County by their father and a South Carolina man

    Police needed to be involved in this case. They were abducted at GUN POINT by their father. They didnt just walk out the house like your child did... You didn't want them in your business to see your flaws as a parent.....

    If somebody should came and took my child(ren) you best believe I want everybody to know....

  • carolinabluegrassfan Jul 22, 2010

    I assume the man in the photo is one of the alleged abductors, but I learned this mornig that one can never assume this to be true.

    Just this morning another online publication ran a story about soon-to-retire Col. Glover of the NCSHP, but posted a photo of a homeless man(before he got 3 hots and a cot, courtesy of the county) currently on trial in that county for the brutal murder of another homeless man.

    I was going to give you the link, but the mistake was corrected after only ten hours.

  • tanicia Jul 22, 2010

    Did you ever stop and think maybe the father or whatever he was to the children could harm them? Many children have been murdered to get back at an ex...so sad but true. The police wouldn't have issued it if they didn't think it was called for.

  • theroadislong Jul 22, 2010

    They were found safe, which is the goal of the Amber Alert system. Stop whining and complaining.

  • wesleyktb Jul 22, 2010

    Has anyone been listening or watching the news for the last little bit ? Just because a child is with a parent does not mean that they are not in danger. There have been a lot of parents arrested lately due to child abuse and/or murder.

  • IAMAmerican Jul 22, 2010

    bill0 - That's not true, you must not have children, how sad!