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Alternative signs protest 'real men provide, real women appreciate it' billboard

Posted February 26

— People gathered in Winston-Salem Sunday to protest a controversial billboard.

The sign on a busy highway reads “real men provide, real women appreciate it.’

On Sunday, a group known as the Winston-Salem Billboard Project protested the sign by creating counter-signs of their own.

Some took the billboard as a slight against equality for women. They said despite the billboard's simplicity, its message can cause deep divides.

"You have to deal with what the thing says. If it says something wrong, point it out, but all it has said is men provide and women appreciate the provision. Why shouldn't they," said Dana Pavlick, who drove from Raleigh to voice her support for the billboard.

Local businesses and homes displayed the new signs after the protest.

The winner will get their sign placed on an actual billboard near the one that touched off the controversy.

The owner of the billboard has declined to say who is behind the message.


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  • Janet Ghumri Feb 27, 2017
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    George, I believe that rise in illegitimate births is still a learned response. We have entire generations that have ridden the gravy train. Families that have never held jobs. Father's never in the picture. When grandma had her kids, and got assistance, she handed that method down to mama, and watching mama get a check every month, food every month, a place to stay and all the medical benefits that taxpayers money could buy, well, she showed her little girls the ropes. I once heard a 45+ woman say she had to have another baby, or she would lose her apartment. She had 2 daughters already in the same complex. They each had a 3 bedroom apartment, and each of them paid $35. A month (all utilities included, except cable). That's 3 women who are teaching their daughters how it works. It's not color, but learned behavior. Smh

  • Jim Dunn Feb 27, 2017
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    Hi Janet, You are right that it is all races but according to last couple census, black illegitimacy rate is in excess of 80% when in 1940 it was about 15% (same as white then and now).

  • Janet Ghumri Feb 27, 2017
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    Oh, George, it's not a "black" thing. It's a learning the system thing. When an unwed mother, of any color or creed, can be assured of medical care for herself and the baby, nutrition assistance, housing assistance along with various other assistance all for the taking, as long as she lives apart from the 'baby daddy', and doesn't disclose who he is, it becomes societies burden to support her. This is a learned response that isn't based on color, but on economics. It's sad that a program meant to help is abused by anyone, but there's always that element of society that takes what it can get.

  • Jim Dunn Feb 27, 2017
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    This sign is targeted at single mothers with no support from the father and I don't think it's sexist at all.

    If and man and a woman create a child, in or out of wed-lock, then both have a responsibility to provide for that child.

    All too often in the black community, the male disappears and the tax payers have to take care of the child.

    No single mother has a right to complain about this unless she raised the child on her own, without any assistance from the tax payer.

    And no woman who hasn't been a single mother knows what it is like to raise a child by their self has a right to complain.

    Of those complaining, I would like to see if they have been a single mother and if so, how many raised the child on their own without assistance from the government/tax payer.

    This is all about take responsibility for ones actions. Something liberals object to.

  • Clif Bardwell Feb 27, 2017
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    I've been trying to find out what "counter-signs" say.

    What could they possible say that's not as equally sexist as the sign they are complaining about?