Alternative methods to state's read to achieve requirement approved

Posted February 6, 2014

— The state Board of Education approved requests from 30 school districts on Thursday allowing the use of alternative methods to meet the state's read to achieve requirement.

The law, which went into effect this year, requires all third graders to read at grade level or risk being held back.

Many criticized the plan, saying the assessments are too time consuming.

As part of the approval, the board is requiring all districts to submit a letter saying their tests are a valid measure of students' reading skills.


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  • Wiser_now Feb 7, 2014

    I think it's ironic that I had to read the story to understand the headline. I am not the grammar police but I think it would have been clearer as:
    Alternative methods to state's "Read to Achieve" requirement
    Alternative methods to state's read-to-achieve requirement.

  • aspenstreet1717 Feb 7, 2014

    Yet another gimmick. My 6 year old reads every night. Stack of books I bought and checked out of the library.

  • nceducator79 Feb 7, 2014

    Finally, something that makes sense! For those that are all about retention, retention doesn't work either. What we need to do is revamp the entire system so that re-teaching can constantly occur when students don't master a certain skill. Problem is, you need more people to do that. Our lovely legislature has gotten rid of teacher assistants and taken caps off of class sizes. My daughter is in 3rd grade, did so well on the test at the start of the year that she can not be retained, yet she has to take all 36 of those assessments. Fortunately, because of this new information, her school system can abandon the 36 assessments and actually teach the kids rather than test. It's much more beneficial to have a 30 minute literacy block 3 times a week than an assessment made by DPI.

  • Plenty Coups Feb 7, 2014

    "The "standards" that were blindly adopted by our legislators based on a program that has been proven to fail in Florida."

    You're exactly right. Instead of trying to model our state education system on a state that consistently performs better than ours, like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or Maryland, they choose a state that performs worse: Florida. Why??? ( Because Florida has a conservative state government and so we mustn't look at successful states that don't have conservative governemnts or educational systems.)

  • cassyfaye Feb 7, 2014

    thing is they raised the level the kids have to reach... my kid has always been above the level but now he is not. I wish I could just take him out and put him in a private school.

  • lovetherascals Feb 7, 2014

    What do you even know about the program this is in reference to Steve? The "standards" that were blindly adopted by our legislators based on a program that has been proven to fail in Florida. When these "standards" you speak of show that 60% of our students would fail based on reading passages that even an educated adult would strugle with- yeah- changes need to happen to the program, not to our students. It also required assessing students at least 3 times per week rather than teaching them. This is what happens when businessmen try to run public schools.

  • newssaavy72 Feb 7, 2014

    All of these tests and benchmarks are undue stress for students and educators. My child's 3rd grade teacher says that she has seen an impact on student's grades since all of this implementation came into affect. The anxiety is causing the kids to stress needlessly and it needs to stop. Kids are inudated with too much stuff now and it actullay cuases kids to fold who are otherwise bright and talented. Testing constantly does not define the child's to excel. It hurts their ability to excel because they are under too much pressure to do well. These lawmakers need to actually do some work and stop throwing out these quick fixes.

  • Steve Mchugelarge Feb 7, 2014

    So more lowering of standards to "level the playing field." Its nice to know the country will be left in the hands of dullards with high self esteem.

  • DontVote4LiarsCheatsOrThieves Feb 6, 2014

    Not holding back every single child who isn't within range of grade level does them no favors in the long run.

    Prayers for those affected.
    Praying all education systems will give them the extra support they need to grow up to be successful contributors to society.