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Almost time to 'spring forward'

Posted March 4, 2014

Daylight Saving Time: March 9, 2014

Despite winter weather being on the minds of most in the Triangle, it's time to turn clocks forward on Sunday.

Daylight Saving Time officially begins at 2 a.m. on March 9. Fire departments suggest changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and turning clocks forward on Saturday before bed.

Quick history of Daylight Saving Time

The federal law that established "daylight time" in the United States does not require any area to observe daylight saving time. But if a state chooses to observe DST, it must follow the starting and ending dates set by the law.

From 1986 to 2006 this was the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, but starting in 2007, it is observed from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, adding about a month to Daylight Saving Time.

By the way, many say "daylight savings time," but that is incorrect. It's daylight saving time.


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  • simplelogic Mar 5, 2014

    Well...I do sort of like having longer periods of daylight, especially when it's nice enough to do things outside - but I think they should just leave it at EST. Who really needs daylight at 9pm???

  • xylem01 Mar 4, 2014

    @SimpleLogic - Me too!

    What I don't understand is why don't we move BACK in the spring so it gets dark earlier in the summer time so we get the sleep we need.

  • simplelogic Mar 4, 2014

    Dang. I spend the whole spring/summer/fall DST season missing my lost hour of sleep.