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Alleged serial robber faces new charges

Posted October 16, 2013
Updated October 17, 2013

Walter Johnson

— A Raleigh man charged in a series of armed robberies in Wake County was facing more charges Wednesday for allegedly attacking a woman in Raleigh and for selling stolen property to a jewelry store in Greensboro.

Walter Kevin Johnson, 28, of 6124 Braidwood Court, faces two dozen charges in connection with the crimes, which happened between Sept. 22 and Oct. 8 in Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs and Wake Forest.

He was jailed Tuesday at the Wake County Detention Center under a $3.925 million bond.

On Wednesday, he received three additional charges of assault on a female, assault by pointing a gun and obtaining property by false pretense.

Police say Johnson attacked a young woman in the driveway of a north Raleigh home on Wynneford Way on Sept. 27.

The woman, who was dog-sitting, told investigators that a man came up behind her, wrapped his arm around her neck, put a gun to her head and tried to force her to drive to an ATM. When she refused, he pushed her to the ground and kicked her, police said.

The young woman's family declined to comment Wednesday.

Earlier this month, police say, Johnson sold stolen jewelry to Bardy's Estate Jewelry & Diamonds and received about $2,000. Investigators haven't commented on a possible motive for the crimes but said they are continuing to investigate.

"(We're) making sure that any other stones – not just stones but pebbles, at this point – are overturned as well," Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said Tuesday. "We're looking to follow up on any great or small lead to see if there could be any accomplices, to determine what the motive is and the list just goes on. The investigation is not over simply because an arrest has been made."

Police arrested Johnson on Friday afternoon after his wife called 911 and said she suspected him of the crimes.

"There's evidence all over the house," the woman said in the call. "I just can't find the damn gun."

"I'm kind of terrified, because I have a newborn in the house," she added. "He's been acting really weird, and I don't know if he even has a job anymore."

The caller in the 911 recording was not revealed during the call, and Raleigh police would neither identify the caller nor confirm if it was Johnson's wife.

A call-for-service record requested by WRAL News, however, shows the 911 call was made from Johnson's home, and his attorney, Matt Faucette, said Johnson lived with his wife and their 6-week-old son.

In talking about his client Monday, Faucette said that Johnson ran a Web design firm and had not been paid for his services. In an interview with WRAL News on Saturday, Johnson's wife said the family was having financial problems.

Police say several of the crimes happened near Johnson's home, including one less than 2 miles away on Pleasant Valley Road on Sept. 22.

In that case, investigators say, a man armed with a handgun assaulted another man and stole a woman's purse as they walked from their car.

Less than 24 hours later, a woman parking her car at an apartment complex off Duraleigh Road – about 3 miles from Johnson's home – was forced into her car and told to drive to an ATM to withdraw cash. She was dropped off, and her car was later found abandoned near her home.

In one of the latest cases, a Cary woman said she awoke in the middle of the night to an armed man in her bedroom who made her write down her family's banking information and then told her that he would hurt her children if she did not drop off $45,000 for him the following day.

Get details of the crimes in the map below:

View Wake County robbery spree in a larger map


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  • 678devilish Oct 18, 2013

    He put himself in this criminal postion and now will never see his son grow up. Pray for the mother who will now do the best she can for her son and for herself. She can no longer depend on her husband; he is gone.

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Oct 17, 2013

    Glad to see this man off the streets!

  • glarg Oct 17, 2013

    "(We're) making sure that any other stones – not just stones but pebbles, at this point – are overturned as well," Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown"

    1. What about the partner?
    2. How did he get a gun when he was a paroled felon?
    3. How come you guys weren't able to find him until the wife called? Fingerprints, DNA, pawn shop id? any police work?

    I think Deck-Brown has been promoted beyond her level of competence.

  • OpinionatedMama Oct 17, 2013

    I'm curious now about those "clients" of his web design company who haven't paid for the services they received.

  • smcallah Oct 17, 2013

    "Also I suspect "the gun" is not a real gun. That is why he pushed and kicked that young woman to the ground when she refused to give in to his demand. That was so brave of her and I totally agree with her response!"

    It doesn't mean it wasn't a real gun at all. Perhaps he didn't want to also be charged with murder if he was caught? Lots of people rob banks and other people with guns and don't murder or shoot people. The gun is to get the people to do what you want without question.

    This woman was brave and didn't give in, as she probably feared rape or dying by the gun anyway. But he wasn't willing to murder to rob.

  • smcallah Oct 17, 2013

    " he didn't really hurt anyone"

    Being held at gun point and kidnapped will hurt you mentally. Would you like it done to you? How would you feel afterwards?

    He also kicked a woman and beat a man. I would say that it hurting someone. But in all his crimes, he held a gun on someone. I'm not sure about you, but I think it would stick with me for years that I could have died pretty easily. That would cause pain, even if it's not physical.

  • Bartmeister Oct 17, 2013

    I doubt they are done with this guy yet.

  • BeenHereSince67 Oct 16, 2013

    " he didn't really hurt anyone"

    Really? REALLY?! That is a very difficult thing to quantify! These are only his latest crimes. Please look at his rap sheet. How many times do you lock someone up for these violent crimes, let them out after a portion of a sentence served, catch them again after another crime spree ... repeat ad nauseum? Why do we do this? This method only protects the criminal, not the public, and probably makes them stronger and more violent. He is charged with multiple counts of kidnapping for crying out loud! Prove he is guilty in court and put a needle in his vein. Done. Over. He will NOT come out again to go on yet another crime spree. Why am I upset? Well, one of his victims who was truly terrorized by this animal, is a good friend of mine. That's why.

  • snowl Oct 16, 2013

    Thank his wife for calling him out. I just wish she had done it sooner IF she knew anything she is not saying so far in the investigation. Also I suspect "the gun" is not a real gun. That is why he pushed and kicked that young woman to the ground when she refused to give in to his demand. That was so brave of her and I totally agree with her response!

  • liskm Oct 16, 2013

    This guy has been loose for way too long and needs to be locked up for good before he kills someone. He's a terrorist to public at large.