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ALE director retires

Posted September 21, 2009

— Bill Chandler, the director of the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement, stepped down abruptly Monday.

Officials said Chandler was retiring after 30 years of public service. Deputy ALE Director Roger Hutchins was named acting director of the agency.

Chandler joined ALE in 1979 as one of the agency’s original field agents. He completed the first basic school that was designed specifically for alcohol law enforcement officers.

In the ensuing years, he worked as a field agent, district supervisor, training coordinator, assistant director and deputy director of ALE. He was named director in November 2007.

During his tenure as director, ALE made strides in enhancing public safety throughout the state, Reuben Young, secretary of the state Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, said in a statement.


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  • 6079 SMITH W Sep 22, 2009

    I AM NOT EVEN REMOTELY QUALIFIED! Can I have his old job?

  • Mom2two Sep 22, 2009

    I don't kow about anyone else, but I am about sick and tired of it taking a media investigation to shed light on the disgusting practices of state government. It is as though, just when you've got the plumbing fixed, you find out the floor is damaged, then there is the foundation cracking, the radon gas, and then find the whole shebang is built on a toxic waste dump. When is it ever going to end? Should we just bulldoze the entire government and start over?

  • Mommyoftwo Sep 22, 2009

    wa4mjf - Patrol doesn't only have 5 sigs. They have a lot more than 5...or is this government math we're trying to do? Maybe they just forgot to add the zeros after their number?

  • dbcooper41 Sep 22, 2009

    now if i owned a legally permited assault weapon, and i couldn't account for its whereabouts, wouldn't i be guilty of a federal crime?
    any reason at all they should be treated differently?

  • RonnieR Sep 22, 2009

    I think the Patrol said they only have 5 of the Sigs, not that 5 was the total number of rifles that they have, Mommyof2.

  • Mommyoftwo Sep 22, 2009

    He didn't quit voluntarily and the guns that were missing were NOT a recent occurrence...it was something that happened months ago.

    I wonder who Gov. Perdue is trying to get in this position. I'm sure one of her cronies that helped get her to the position she is in now will get the job.

    I would love to see WRAL go ask to see the storage facilities for Highway Patrol and see the arsenal they have there...WAY more than a mere 5 assault rifles. Every trooper has one in their car since they switched firearms a few years ago. Go check it out and maybe the next question should be why did they lie to the media about what firearms highway patrol has.

  • dws Sep 22, 2009

    from the N&O: "A gun buff and collector, Chandler stood by the choice last week, saying the new pistols have numerous special features, including an engraving of the ALE seal that would make them easier to track if stolen."

    "easier to track if stolen"...ahhaahahahahahaha

  • Sidekick Sep 22, 2009

    Probably an Easley appointee.

  • WHEEL Sep 22, 2009

    If anyone did this in the private sector they would be immediately fired and steps taken to recover the squandered funds, including taking it out of their retirement. In State Government they QUICKLY retire with a pat on the back and, you can bet, a $1000 hand gun for $1.

  • Brogden Sep 21, 2009

    Will he still get to buy his assault weapon for 1/2 price?