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ALDI deals 10/22: Apples, pomegranates, pineapple & more!

Posted October 22, 2014


Aldi has some very good deals this week on apples (.69/lb!), pomegranates, pineapple, honeycrisp apples ($1.29/lb), bananas, eggs, flour, sugar & more!

These deals are valid October 22 – October 28, 2014.


Bananas, .44/lb

Red Delicious apples, 3 lb bag, .69/lb – great price!

Golden delicious apples, 3 lb bag, .69/lb – great price!

Pomegranates, .69 each

Pineapple, whole, $1.29 – great price!

Honeycrisp apples, 2 lb bag, $1.29/lb – excellent price for this variety!


Wednesday meat deal: Roseland freshmarinated pork tenderloin, $3.99/lb

Wednesday deal: Stuffed chicken breasts, $4.99/lb



Marshmallow crème, 7 oz, .89

Wide egg noodles, 16 oz, $1.25

Fudge brownie mix, 18.3 oz, $1.25

All purpose flour, 5 lb, $1.29

Eggs, 1 dozen, $1.39

Sugar, 4 lb bag, $1.49

Happy Farms pumpkin spice cream cheese spread, 8 oz tub, $1.49

Pumpkin sice bagels, 20 oz, $1.99


 Aldi coupon, payment and store policies:

* ALDI does not accept manufacturer coupons

* You will need to bring your own bags to bag your groceries. They do not provide any.

* If you wish to use a grocery cart, you will need to deposit a quarter into the cart machine and you will get it back when you return the cart.

* They accept cash, debit and EBT cards as forms of payment. They do not accept credit cards or checks.

There is more information available on their website HERE


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  • hello raleigh Oct 22, 2014

    Faye -- I find that I usually have good luck ripening avocados at home by putting them in a brown paper bag (along with an apple, if I've got one) and closing it up for a few days! The ones are Aldi are so cheap when on sale that I can't resist buying them (even though they're usually rock hard and I have to wait a few days to enjoy them.)

  • Dr D Oct 22, 2014

    If you do purchase produce at Aldi and later find it to be not of good quality, you can return it. I once returned a bunch of bananas that were greenish when I purchased them and several days later had still refused to ripen. I was only hoping to exchange them for a new bunch, since normally their bananas had been fine for me, but was pleasantly surprised when they said not only did I get a new bunch, but also got my money back for the bunch I returned. Sure enough, they have a "double guarantee" policy posted on their website:


  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Oct 22, 2014

    computer trainer - that is unfortunate that you have had issue with that Aldi location and their produce quality. You may want to contact them via their customer service section on their website to share your experience.

    I usually shop at the Aldi in Fuquay these days and find their produce to be good. I am really looking forward to the one in Garner opening their doors! The avocados I bought a couple weeks ago that were hard as a rock when purchased turned out to be delicious when they ripened. I will say that the pineapples are small, but my local Walmart has been price matching them and their pineapples are much larger.

    brandi lynn - glad your experience has been better.

  • computer trainer Oct 22, 2014

    View quoted thread

    I've tried it a couple of times at that location and at the one in Knightdale. The Knightdale store usually has nothing if you are not there the minute they open on Wednesday, and the one on WF Road has never had the quality. I was in Kroger on Friday and they had POMS for $2, but they were twice the size of the ones at ALDI and not squishy. I am glad that you have been lucky there. Guess it is just me. :)

  • hello raleigh Oct 22, 2014

    Computer Trainer --

    I shop weekly at the Aldi on Wake Forest Road and I think your experience today was unusual. I buy nearly all of my produce at Aldi and rarely find the selection to be subpar. Occasionally, I'll need to pick through to find items that are just right -- but I find that little bit extra work well worth the huge savings I get by shopping at Aldi! I got two delicious pomegranates from Aldi last time they were on sale (week before last?) and all the apples I've gotten this fall have been delicious (so sweet and crisp!)

    I realize that some people just don't like the experience of shopping at Aldi, but if your reason is simply due to one bad experience with the produce -- I'd urge you to try again :)

  • computer trainer Oct 22, 2014

    Maybe it is just me, but all those wonderful prices on produce are just a joke. I just left the one on Wake Forest Road and the Poms were squishy, the Honeycrisps were about the size of a small lemon and all bruised and just horrible looking. The banana were all green. I hope that the next time I get their flyer, that I am smart enough to throw it in the recycle, BEFORE I even look at it. :(