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Aldi accepting credit cards as of March 1

Posted March 1, 2016

Starting March 1, 2016, ALDI is accepting credit cards at all of its stores!

They will take Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Previously, Aldi only accepted cash and debit cards. This change was based on feedback from customers and according to Aldi, it will have no impact on the product prices.

Aldi has also made some additional updates in their stores:

* ALDI completed its removal of added MSG, certified synthetic colors and partially hydrogenated oils from all of its exclusive food brands, which make up 90 percent of the foods ALDI offers.

* ALDI recently announced Healthier Checklanes featuring single-serve nuts and trail mixes, dried fruits and granola bars to offer shoppers smarter choices at checkout and eliminate the temptation of unhealthy impulse-buys. Healthier Checklanes will be in all ALDI stores by end of 2016.

* If you have any Southern California friends, they will be happy to know that later this month, ALDI will open its first stores in Southern California.

Will the addition of credit cards as a payment form influence how often you shop at Aldi?


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  • B-Ran Mar 1, 2016

    Regarding using your debit card as a credit card. This offers you no additional consumer protection than simply using your debit card regularly. If you are truly concerned about your security and your debit card -- don't use it at stores. Stick to cash or (now!) credit cards at Aldi. I am happy I'll be able to use my credit card at Aldi now, simply because it will speed up checkout.

  • vlynn Mar 1, 2016

    SEAHAWK93 re using debit card as a credit card. A banker told me that this does not give you the same protection. Your bank account is still linked to the transaction and your account can be wiped out. Even though you'll get the money back, it may take days and you can have lots of drafts fail, etc. A credit card is always safer because it is not linked to your checking account. Your personal money is not held even if it takes the credit card company a while to get things straightened out.

  • octmomy Mar 1, 2016

    I think this great news. I will definitely be shopping there more.

  • Seahawk93 Mar 1, 2016

    You can use your debit card as a credit card and not enter your PIN. It has the same protections as using a credit card. And now ALDI will allow that option, which I really like.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Mar 1, 2016

    bcde - earning credit card reward points is the biggest plus for me! I love having that option now at Aldi.

    jdouglas13 - I agree about the Amex. It is surprising that are also taking it since they are usually more expensive to process for companies.

  • bcde Mar 1, 2016

    It will affect me as I never carry much cash and refuse to use a debit card, and so I always had to make sure I went to the bank to get cash to buy groceries from Aldi's. There have been quite a few times I have wanted to stop in and shop, but didn't have time to go to the bank, come back, and shop, so it will definitely increase my going, and also I will enjoy earning credit card rewards to boot. :o)

  • jdouglas13 Mar 1, 2016

    While being able to pay by credit card will affect how often I shop at Aldi, it will definitely change how I pay my bill. I really dislike using my debit card as a debit card and always use it as a credit card whenever possible.

    I am REALLY surprised that Aldi is going to take Amex! I did not see that one coming!