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Alcohol, drug abuse treatment center opens in Butner

Posted July 7, 2011

— North Carolina unveiled its newest alcohol and drug abuse treatment center, which replaces an old Army barracks in Butner, Thursday morning.

The state-of-the-art, 88,000-square-foot building has space for 80 beds and cost $4.3 million.

State leaders said it's worth the investment.

"It's designed to be a treatment center, and it's designed for best practices, designed for better observation, for both groups and individual therapy," said Lanier Cansler, secretary of the state Department of Health and Human Services. "We really believe it's going to be a big plus for folks who need this help."

Patients will begin to transfer to the new facility in August. The average patient stay is three weeks.


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  • wildthang4life Jul 8, 2011

    Hey hdsoftail, it's not really a choice for some people. It begins that way, but then it doesn't end up that way. You obviously need to learn more about addiction. And don't try to tell me i'm just some uneducated nobody because I am graduating a year early from college with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services with a minor in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies.

  • wildthang4life Jul 8, 2011

    I get to intern there this fall! :) I'm really excited!

  • americangirl Jul 8, 2011


  • No Party Affiliate Jul 8, 2011

    Did Madoff raise the funds for this?

  • wayneboyd Jul 8, 2011

    I applaud the effort, it is a much need facility. But it will never amount to anything but a very expensive "red herring" for the taxpayers if it is state operated.

  • hdsoftail Jul 8, 2011

    More of my tax money wasted!! If you want to drink and do drugs, that is your choice. Then suffer.

  • smdrn Jul 8, 2011

    It's not a new building. They just moved ADATC from one of the older John Umstead buildings to the Barrett Building which used to be the old AAU. This makes it sound like they built a whole new place. What did they do to it that cost 4.3 million? And maybe they should work on getting their certification back before announcing this wonderous feat.

  • babscash Jul 8, 2011

    If people responding have family members that are abusing drugs and alcohol, they will see it as a great way to spend money. This facility will house more people and help these addicts. Alot of women on drugs end up pregnant and this could get them off the streets and not become pregnant. It's not about hiring more people to treat patients, it's about the patients and helping them to stay clean. There is alot of things that we need in this state but this is a start so look at it that way. Everyone has a wish list based on their life experiences but we need to be understanding about all the critical needs in other's lives. Fight harder for what you want...I'm guessing that is what happened in this case. It's a trickle down effect and at least it started somewhere...hopefully there are more plans for other things to helpo the people in this state.

  • LoveBeingAMommy Jul 7, 2011

    The state budget has money for this but not Planned Parenthood? I rather the money go to giving out the low cost birth control and teen pregnancy prevention, cancer screenings and std screenings.

  • THECROWFLIES Jul 7, 2011

    I agree with mulcecitybabe 100 percent! There are far too many substance abusers out there who are in need of treatment but can't get it because there aren't enough staff to treat them. Plenty of qualified professionals out there for hire!