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Alamance, Orange counties discuss boundary line

Posted September 3, 2008

— Residents in Alamance and Orange counties attended a public hearing Wednesday night to discuss their boundary line.

More than 125 people attended the meeting to discuss the boundary line drawn to determine where Alamance County began and Orange County ended when the Legislature created Alamance in 1849, 97 years after Orange County was formed. The city of Mebane lies in both counties.

Some Alamance residents are upset that a redrawn line might move them into Orange County, where property taxes are higher.

Mebane City Council members have asked that commissioners in the two counties look at the economic impact of whatever line is drawn.

A second public hearing is planned Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Arts and Community Center.


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  • TheAdmiral Sep 5, 2008

    Orange County is doing this for tax revenue only. Nothing more.

    Con Armor, that explains your stance on things.

    I would rather have a Sheriff in Alamance County Profiling and getting the crooks than one who is oblivious to the real world for Political Correctness allowing a serial pedophile live next to you and the children in your neighborhood.

  • Con Amor Sep 4, 2008

    I lived in the exact areas in question for many, many years.

    I had a choice between Orange or Alamance county schools. I chose Orange for middle school, and Alamance for high school. Both busses passed my house. You can drive down Mebane Oaks rd and pass two "Welcome to Alamance county" signs within 1 mile of each other. It's weird to ride down the road and pass that sign, and then keep going strait, on the same road, and pass the sign again. It's like, "dang, didnt I enter alamance co. a mile back?"LOL! Well, the home I lived in was orange co, but I would tell them at the DMV that It was Alamance. I would pay cheaper tax, and get cheaper and easier inspections. Now-a days, I refuse to put a dime into Alamance county. (re:I refuse to support the crooked sheriff dept.that racialy profile and break up families.) But I do feel sorry for the ones who's taxes are going to almost double if they are changed to Orange County.

  • PaulRevere Sep 4, 2008

    I thought the liberals in Orange County didn't believe in borders, re: illegal immigrants. Typical hypocrites.

  • burnhace Sep 4, 2008

    This story is poorly presented. What are the issues? To where is the line proposed to be relocated/corrected? Who would prefer the line to be moved and why? Who would prefer the line to remain in place and why? This story is a failure of journalistic practice and editorial supervision. It might even be an important story too!

  • SaveEnergyMan Sep 4, 2008

    Looking at old land records, it's a wonder things worked as well as they did. They used to use references to things like "Bob's oak tree" and "big rock at the corner". We take for granted modern surveying and GPS systems. Good luck to them trying to sort out the old convention.

  • ncguy Sep 4, 2008

    Orange county just wants the extra tax base! Why because they are very anti growth and without growth you die!
    How many businesses have been denied in orange county. All the money spent at retail stores is out of county. Just across the bridge at 15-501/ I40. I don't feel sorry for them at all -it's been there way of thinking for years, without UNC Orange county would have no income...