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Ag Department adopts new rules for gun shows after shooting

Posted February 19, 2013

— A shooting at a gun show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds last month has prompted the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to adopt new regulations for such shows, officials said Tuesday.

Investigators said Gary Lynn Wilson, 36, of Wilmington, brought a 12-gauge shotgun to sell at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show on Jan. 19, but the weapon went off when Wilson removed it from its case at a security checkpoint.

Three people who were hit by shotgun pellets were treated and released from a local hospital the same day.

No charges were filed against Wilson in the case.

Beginning with the Capital City Gun Show at the State Fairgrounds this weekend, people who bring firearms to sell at gun shows at the fairgrounds or the Western N.C. Agricultural Center in Fletcher will have to park in a designated area and use a separate entrance.

Previously, there was a separate line for gun show visitors with firearms, but it was next to one for other attendees.

Under the new rules, firearms cannot be in cases. Also, the weapon’s action must be open, and all magazines, bullets or shells removed when show visitors leave their vehicles.

As with past shows, security officers will continue to examine firearms at the entrance and secure them with straps.

The Agriculture Department also intends to place a special emphasis on ensuring that no gun sales occur in parking lots, Chief of Police Joel Keith said.

"These new steps will enhance the protective measures already in place for gun shows that are held at the State Fairgrounds and Western N.C. Ag Center,” Keith said in a statement.


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  • disgusted2010 Feb 20, 2013

    disgusted- "Don't confuse him with facts."

    What facts? You haven't backed up a single thing you posted. Plenty Coups

    I am expressing my opinion and as the news media will tell you that opinion needs no backup, just ask all those that have had their reputations ruined by an overzealous media and their opinions.

    I simply asked for citations for the studies you referenced. As to your point about the mayors using ATF data,you should realize that data is subject to interpretation and groups with an agenda will always interpret the data to their advantage. Perhaps you should cite studies that have been done by unbiased researchers.

  • fishon Feb 20, 2013

    I love these people that compare guns to cars. really? At least you have to take a test,driving lessons, inspections, registrations and there are police monitoring anyone abusing the laws on the roads, and also, cars were not invented for the purpose of killing things. Guns, just buy you one and shoot what you want bo.

    All the more fascinating that after all the licensing, testing, and monitoring that more people are killed by cars in the USA every year than by guns. And there are a lot more guns than cars! And keeping and bearing arms is a right, even though the state of NC took my fingerprints AND I had to take a test, carry my license AND a photo ID, AND have to renew my right to concealed carry every 5 years.

    Driving a car is not a right, although if might fall under your's and my pursuit of happiness :>)

  • Dave Green Feb 20, 2013

    Their venue, their rules. I can accept that. NC Cruffler

  • Wirklich Feb 20, 2013

    Many individuals I know that are overly obsessed with their guns and "protecting themselves" against the state and the boogie man present a tough guy image on the outside but are true Barney Fife's on the inside. There is a much greater likelihood that they will injure themselves or someone they love before they actually protect themselves against a real criminal. In other words, they are trigger happy: shoot first, then decide if they are in real danger. I think one should have a right to possess firearms, but a psychological evaluation might be in order first. Just kidding..sort of. Not everyone can handle the responsibility of possessing that much power over someone else's life.

  • RadioDJ Feb 20, 2013

    What? Shoot first and then call it "stand your fairgrounds"? This gun nonsense is just so idiotic. Poor little minds who haven't a clue about our Constitution or how it works or can affect them are so scared "big ol gubmint" gonna come take summin away from dem! Yet you don't hear a PEEP out of them if any other of our "Rights" might be threatenend. They NEEDS dem big ol guns to look manly! And after all, that's what it's all about. ME ME MINE and MY.

  • castina Feb 20, 2013

    * These changes make sense to me, however you should be able to re-case the firearm after the check point for carrying in the show.
    * Given the 100s of thousands (if not millions) of attendees that have attended one of the over 200 gunshows at the fairgrounds over the past 30 yrs, how many incidents have there been were someone was injured by a discharged weapon? Is this the only one?

  • Pirate01 Feb 20, 2013

    It was the security guard that fired the gun. Guns do not "accidentally" fire. It was stupid for the gun to be loaded but the guard is the one that pulled the trigger. What needs to happen is basic firearms training for the security people handling these weapons.

  • castina Feb 20, 2013

    A few points come to mind reading some of these comments:
    * Guns are not designed for the sole purpose of killing. I've shot thousands of rounds, mostly at targets for enjoyment, some at game while hunting (yes, intent to kill is there on these shots), and never once at another human being. Hopefully I'll never have to do the latter, but I will be prepared to should I ever need to defend myself or family.
    * If you don't see the point of marksmanship as a sport, well, I don't see the point of a lot of other sports or rec activities.
    * Driving is only a privilege, not a constitutional right.
    * Difficult to run down an intruder in my home with my vehicle... a gun is more practical and safer for those in the house other than the intruder (not sure of the point here, just an observation on the comparison)

  • JustAName Feb 20, 2013

    "How about no gun shows on state property?" - djofraleigh

    How about no ownership of property by the state.

  • Lightfoot3 Feb 20, 2013

    "I am a gun owner and I do not condone "Parking lot sales" at all" - Legally Here

    I bought my Rem 870 in the parking lot of a gas station. Did everything legal.

    "What the heck do you need a gun show for in the first place?" - somebody (can't find original post)

    I use them to buy accessories, look at stuff, get ideas, try beef jerky, buy tools (not even gun related), buy gadgets (like a flint & steel fire starter), buy food (pepper jelly, etc.), etc. I've also heard that people buy guns there too (some that are antique and/or collectible and not normally at a gun shop). I've never bought a gun there though.