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Activists protest prison conditions in front of Central Prison

Posted December 17, 2010

— About a dozen social justice activists from the Triangle gathered in front of Central Prison in Raleigh Friday to protest prison conditions. 

The activists said they want to support Georgia prison strikers, who are demanding that prisoners get a living wage for work, decent health care, decent living conditions and educational opportunities.

For nearly a week, hundreds of prisoners in at least six Georgia prisons have refused to work, leave their cells and, in some instances, eat.

Friday's protesters carried signs saying, "Free all prisoners. Jail all cops," "Prisons – America's Finest Plantations" and "Love for all Prison Rebels."

"The inmates were striking to demand payment for their labor, decrease costs for phone calls and stamps, demand access to education, access to programs that curb substance abuse, an end to cruel and unusual punishment and other improvements to the physical conditions of prisoners' lives," the Triangle group said in a statement. 

The group describes itself as a coalition of individuals and members of Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective, Raleigh FIST, Bull City Insurgent and Internationalist Books and Community Center.


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  • NCAries Dec 21, 2010

    Prisoners are in prison because they chose to break the law. My thought is that prisons should be entirely self-sufficient. Grow their own food, make their own clothes, produce their own power, etc.

    Who made/makes the laws and what is their reason, who decides the punishments and what is their reasoning...this country treats animals better than it treats some of it's own citizens and then wonder why the citizens act the way they do. Prison adn the way prisoners are treated is a strong reflection of the attitudes/values of this country/state/world.

  • NCAries Dec 21, 2010

    Prison can't be that bad. Lots of folks keep doing things to go back after they have been released.

    That's because once they get out they have probation/parole fees, they have to have a place to stay and food to eat, they need jobs and can't get them because they've been to prison. They can't get financial aid because they've been to prison so no re-education help. Some public assistance is denied to people with criminal records. If they have a family that is in need they want to help that family by any means necessary because cries for help from a loved one (adult or child) are a strong influence. When they do come out the only ready available jobs are illegal jobs that can generate quick income so that they can live from day to day. There is no truth in doing the crime and then doing the time and turning your life around. Society won't allow it, especially the ones that control the jobs.

  • NCAries Dec 21, 2010

    Hey! I have a great idea! Have them NOT break the law & live like the rest of us! Won't cost any of us a thing!

    Sounds like something Easley would say.

  • MonkeyFace Dec 20, 2010

    you're kidding me right? they are the ones that broke the law, why should they be able to live like the rest of us that choose not to break the rules? health care, yes I can understand that, but come one really?

  • piratepeople2 Dec 17, 2010

    hmm, let me see-free room and board, free medical and dental care(that costs me 500$/month to cover 3 people), clothing, education, so what's the problem?? Time for you activists to get a life!

  • nufsaid Dec 17, 2010

    This says a lot about "social justice advocates.

  • fearna Dec 17, 2010

    Are you kidding me??? Sure - give them a "living wage" and then charge them for rent, utilities, clothing, food and toiletries, health care premiums and everything else they consume (although I will say they don't get cable). No more free ride - see how the activists change their tune then!! Central prison is no picnic, but it is a lot better than many families have out in the street. The health care benefits alone far exceed what most folks can afford. These are ungrateful, unrehabilitatable oxygen thieves that deserve nothing more than the bare minimum. I worked there - I know. Some of the outlying prison camps are a little different, but Central Prison? It is a cesspool of narcissistic anti-social personalities that will never be grateful for anything.

  • no contest Dec 17, 2010

    johnsoncl21 - Inmates made the initial decision to get where they are at. Prison is NOT supossed to be comfortable!

    Very well said!! If you are in jail it is for a reason. Sit dowm and shut up!!

  • johnsoncl21 Dec 17, 2010

    Inmates made the initial decision to get where they are at. Prison is NOT supossed to be comfortable!

  • Eduardo1 Dec 17, 2010

    vietnam vet...openmind...mep...swtpea44...hdsoftail. Bravo to each of you for your comments. i could have not said it any better.
    Eat or rot. Plenty of people in this country who are honest are hurting right now, and would appreciate the food that these dirt bags are refusing to eat.. lets get Sheriff Joe in from AZ. He charges his prisoners for the food that they ger, usually main course bologna sandwich.