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Acorn attacks Amanda Lamb

Posted November 8, 2012

WRAL reporter Amanda Lamb was standing outside the federal courthouse in Raleigh today when all of a sudden – BAM! – something sharp hit her on the head.

She quickly grabbed her head in shock, not realizing it was an errant acorn that attacked her. Lucky for Amanda, she was OK. Lucky for us, it was all caught on camera during today's noon news.

Like a true professional, she kept going despite the pain.

"Raleigh is famous for its acorn drop on New Year’s Eve. I just never thought I would be the recipient of an acorn drop on live television!" Amanda said. "I’m just glad that I was able to hold my tongue and not say something I would regret later!"

Acorn hits Amanda Lamb in the head Acorn hits Amanda Lamb in the head









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  • iwasjustsaying Nov 14, 2012

    Note to not stand under the Oak trees during a broadcast.

  • go2lightspeed Nov 13, 2012

    What they didn't catch was the squirrel in the tree with the slingshot!

  • baldchip Nov 9, 2012

    Acorns-1, Amanda-0!!!

    Glad your professionalism shown thru!!
    Slips of the tongue can be costly!!

    Amanda-you are a good reporter!!

  • justingorham Nov 8, 2012

    Attack of the killer acorns, lol. Nice recovery.

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