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Accused UNC Doc Asks for Medical License to Be 'Inactive'

Posted April 4, 2008

— A part-time faculty member at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine – accused of molesting young boys in Boston decades ago – has requested that his medical license be placed on "inactive" status.

A posting on the North Carolina Medical Board's Web site showed that Dr. Melvin Levine requested that the "inactive" status be effective today.

In the letter, he agrees that he "shall not practice medicine or surgery, diagnose, treat, or prescribe in North Carolina while my license is inactive." He signed the document today.

Levine, 68, has agreed to stop seeing patients, a UNC Health Care spokesman said Thursday.

Levine, an adjunct professor in UNC's Pediatrics Department and director of the Clinical Center for Development and Research, has been named in four lawsuits that allege he fondled seven boys over several years at Children's Hospital in Boston.

He was chief of pediatrics at Children's Hospital from 1971 to 1985 and specialized in children with developmental and educational difficulties. He also is a nationally known author of books on how children learn and has appeared on Oprah Winfrey's talk show.

Through his attorneys, Levine has denied the allegations. Both Children's Hospital and UNC Health Care issued statements saying they had never received any complaints about him from patients or their families.

Levine retired from full-time work at UNC in 2006 but continued to see patients twice a month. He offered to stop seeing patients because of the allegations against him, UNC Health Care spokesman Tom Hughes said.


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  • oldschooltarheel Apr 4, 2008

    he did the professional thing - not practicing at all while under scrutiny. The initial article stated one the accusers "remembered" the molestation after seeing the doctor's face on a book cover. Given the now adult patient had "developmental challenges" the combination of "remembering" prompted by seeing the defendant's face on a book cover (in a book store) 20+ years after the alleged assault is too difficult for me to find believable. I am most curious how the other alleged "victims" were located (especially given they were all "challenged"). I am most curious about the accuser - background info please - who does he live with? what does he do for a living? what sections does he like to browse in the bookstore?

  • ma2345 Apr 4, 2008

    Another Chester. Last month it was the Dreamsports owner, the month before the Karate instructor, a few years back, the NCSU swim coach. And funny thing is people start falling out of the wood work to say how good they were to their kids. To me a "Chester" being part time good and part time bad, is like being a little bit pregnant.

  • seankelly15 Apr 4, 2008

    I have said it before; this is a shakedown pure and simple. Even if these individuals meet their burden in proving the allegations true, what are their damages? How would a jury decide what in their adult life was a result of a one-time case of inapppropriate touching and what was a result of their underlying psychological patholgy which led to the need for an evaluation. I believe the attorney sued hoping for an out-of-court settlement.

  • JAT Apr 4, 2008

    pack4ever - I'm sure he didn't bother your son, but that doesn't mean he isn't guilty of all the charges and accusations. Most molester don't molest everyone/child they encounter - that would be too obvious.

    I hope he didn't do it, but then you have to wonder how you can get such a large number of people to make similar allegations.

    Either way it's bad - either the doctor did it; or the people are making it up. Really makes you wonder what this world is coming to.

  • givemeabreak Apr 4, 2008

    I as talking children as adults that are lead into mis-remembering facts about molestation. There are a whole group of people doing this. NOT the doctor not remembering.

  • garnertoy Apr 4, 2008

    i hope hes innocent

  • garnertoy Apr 4, 2008

    that answers my question

  • pack4ever Apr 4, 2008

    It is easy to condemn when you don't have all of the facts. This Dr. has treated my son twice a year for the last 5 years. There has been no molestation. His diagnosis and treatment of my son have made untold positive benefits in all of our lives. My son is a success both in life and in the classroom thanks to Dr. Levine.

  • SailbadTheSinner Apr 4, 2008

    I’m immediately suspicious of allegations of ANYTHING that someone makes 25 years or more after the event.

    Allegations these days seem to be taken as fact. And this one, like being accused of racism, is particularly egregious.

    How would YOU go about defending yourself from a similar accusation? What were YOU doing 25-30+ years ago? That’s an especially poignant question if it wasn’t something that you were not supposed to be doing? How do YOU prove that you DIDN’T do something when the nurse was out of the room?

    Quite frankly, it seems a bit odd that four people would come together at one time to bring these charges so long after the fact. I would be interested in seeing how these cases are tied together. And who stands to make the money ....

    IMHO, the Doc has done the only noble thing that he can do to protect the Hospital.

    One thing is obvious: A highly trained individual has been neutralized. And that’s a very sad fact ....


  • JAT Apr 4, 2008

    voluntarily surrendering a license (1) keeps the medical board from taking it and (2) makes it very easy for him to get it back at some in the future.