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Two pedestrians struck in Fayetteville

Posted October 15, 2012

— Two women were hit by a car early Monday as they tried to run across a street in Fayetteville, police said.

The women were taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Fayetteville police.

The incident happened just before 6 a.m. on Johnson Street near Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Police said no charges were filed against the driver.



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  • sunshine1040 Oct 15, 2012

    Turn off your cell phones when your are moving period That means if your are driving walking or riding if a call is that important stop in a safe area then use the phone

  • greeneyedirishlady Oct 15, 2012

    I do hope that the two pedestrains recover quickly. But I have to agree with the previous poster. All pedestrains have an obligation to use common sense too. Up north pedestrains dont have the right of way at least from where I grew up. Here in the south pedestrains dont even look, they just walk no faster then a old turtle to cross the street, better yet walk in the MIDDLE of the street and expect drivers to yeild to them.
    Not allowing folks to cross the street is down right rude, equally are the pedestrains who take their time and refuse to use common sense, is just as rude and dangerous.

  • mfarmer1 Oct 15, 2012

    what street?

  • Just Plain Common Sense Oct 15, 2012

    Happens all the time. There are NO crosswalks, and people out at night do not want to wear reflective clothing, even if they had it. Drivers cannot stop on a dime, and by the time you see a walker that close there is no time to take evasive action. Read the drivers handbook...see how long it takes from identification, to reflex action, to actual stopping or evading. Walkers: don't take chances. A few seconds of waiting is worth living. By the same token, please everybody stop stopping at the pass thru turn right lane. There are new traffic patterns in the city, turning left on blinking yellow, etc. Slowing down isn't always the right thing to do, either. Use your signals...don't tailgate and if you are turning off the road, make sure you can do that without causing a wreck behind you!