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Accident Creates Minor Delays on Part of I-95

Posted May 25, 2007

Traffic Accident (generic)

— An accident caused brief traffic delays on southbound Interstate 95 near Kenly Friday afternoon when two tractor-trailers and a third vehicle were involved in the accident.

According to the state Highway Patrol, the accident occurred Friday afternoon near Kenly at mile marker 106. Authorities said

One lane of Interstate 95 in Johnston County and an off-ramp at mile marker 106 were closed temporarily while crews moved the vehicles to the side of the roadway. and cleared the area.

There were no reports of injuries and no indication late Friday afternoon about charges in the matter.

Northbound Interstate 95 was not affected.


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  • Bumble Bee May 27, 2007

    Shine - you're absolutely correct. Three years ago I traded a 25 mile commute to Raleigh (yes, from Johnston County) for a 70 mile commute (one-way) down I-95. Needless to say, the number of miles in the drive is far less important than the stress level in those miles. I'll take I-95 over Raleigh traffic anyday. I rarely have to deal with congestion on I-95 unless it's close to a holiday. Yes, some people drive like idiots, - that's true anywhere - but I've seen a lot worse driving on I-40 and the Raleigh beltline than on I-95.

    I have to agree with MustySteer also. A 20-mph differential in speed limits for semis and four-wheelers will create dangerous situations. The semi drivers are not the problem - seeing them driving erratically is about as rare as seeing a UFO. The four-wheelers, on the other hand...

  • farcry May 27, 2007

    What the heck is a "moonshinner"? Way to show your ignorance. Before you make jokes about other people, perhaps you should learn to spell.

  • redstarlean May 27, 2007

    Johnson county: Home of rednecks and moonshinners

  • svaraj38758 May 26, 2007

    From what I remember Johnston, Nash and Robeson seem to be the worst for wrecks on I-95. These three counties are also criscrossed by major US Highways as well. Maybe the traffic volume has something to do with it.

  • MarcG May 26, 2007

    Has anyone noticed the number of accidents in the KENLY area lately...seems like the "Bermuda Triangle" of I-95....hmmmmm....where's the extra patrol cars in THAT area ?

  • shine May 26, 2007

    If everyone was not in such a hurry and would drive 70 or 75 this would not happen. I have logged over 750,000 miles on I-95 on the east coast and you can post what ever speed limit you would like - the four wheelers would not obey it (maybe I should say tourist). I would rather be there than 85 & 40 anyday.

  • Rolling Along May 26, 2007

    A good start would be strict enforcement of existing traffic laws...like SPEED LIMITS! The last time I checked the definition hasn't changed,(it means maximum allowed) but most drivers seem to think it applies to everyone else but them. I drive I-95 on a regular basis from DC to Savannah...at the posted speed limit. I seldom pass anyone. Unfortunately due to budget constraints and other reasons the number of troopers available for enforcement has shrunk in comparison to the number of miles of roadways and the number of drivers on the road.

  • svaraj38758 May 25, 2007

    Add a third lane in each direction and designate the outer left lane as it is on certain parts of the beltline...prohibited for trucks to use. This keeps multi-axle trucks out of the far left passing lane and faster traffic traveling to the inside of the interstate with slower traffic to the outside near the exit ramps. Accomplish this with tolls for smoother, swifter and more comfortable cruising from border to border.

  • mustysteer May 25, 2007

    cars already go 75 - like they need permission. drive a big rig and then tell me you'd rather go 55. there are enough "communist" states that force trucks to do 55. we don't need NC to follow suit. maybe the four-wheelers need to slow down and quit driving like maniacs.

  • slaythedragon May 25, 2007

    make speed limits 55 for trucks and 75 for autos and enforce strickly.