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Accelerant blamed for fatal Fayetteville explosion

Posted September 20, 2013

Fayetteville police said a man died Saturday night in an explosion in the front yard of a home off Bunce Road.

— Authorities said Friday that gasoline or another fuel used to start a fire in a portable stove caused an explosion last weekend that killed a Fayetteville man.

Martin Antoine Blossom, 28, died when the stove, also called a chiminea, blew up as he tried to start a fire in the front yard of his home, at 6544 St. Louis St., during a Saturday night party.

Initial reports stated the explosion occurred in a fire-pit.

Investigators said they have ruled out all causes of the blast aside from someone pouring a liquid fuel onto a log in the stove to help ignite the fire. They said fuel vapors likely built up inside the stove and exploded.

Four other people were injured in the explosion, which left shrapnel punctures in a parked car and flattened a tire.


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  • Inside The Beltline Sep 20, 2013

    This is so tragic. I see the same thing at tailgates with people trying to get a bbq lit up quickly, and I am just like are you kidding me. Chimineas are especially dangerous because they pull the oxygen up and through a tube.

  • Dichotomous Sep 20, 2013

    I'm sorry "Authorities", but accelerant was not to blame...stupidity was. I am sorry for the lives lost and my condolences go out to the family members. But the truth is the truth and adults should know better than being impatient with fire. Just like your mothers always said, "It's cool, until someone gets hurt."

  • bluecanary Sep 20, 2013

    Such a sad situation. I hate it for this man's family and friends.