ACA promise features in another U.S. Senate ad

Posted May 20, 2014

This is a still image from Crossroads GPS's "Deceiving" ad aired in North Carolina.

— Crossroads GPS has begun airing an ad critical of U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan's support for the Affordable Care Act, part of a $3.6 million buy that will be on broadcast and cable through most of June and July.

The commercial begins with footage of President Barack Obama and Hagan promising that, under the law, what some call "Obamacare," people would be able to keep their existing health insurance plans and doctors.

Those promises, which were inaccurate, have been the centerpiece of GOP strategy aimed at unseating Democrats like Hagan who are running for re-election this year.

"Thousands of North Carolinians told their policies canceled, Hagan's promise on keeping your doctors, not true either. Typical Washington. Deceiving us, pushing their agenda," the commercial says, winding up by urging viewer to, "Tell Sen. Hagan, keep your word on our health care." 

Crossroads GPS is a 501(c)(4) group. Technically speaking, it is a social welfare group whose primary purpose is not to campaign, although its commercial shares many of the hallmarks of a campaign ad. Crossroads GPS is the sister organization of American Crossroads. The independent spending organizations are known for their links to the Republican establishment and Karl Rove, an adviser to former President George W. Bush.

Hagan is running against Thom Tillis, the speaker of the North Carolina state House, who has has also targeted Hagan's support for the Affordable Care Act in his own campaign materials.

“Karl Rove is trying to buy a Senate seat for Thom Tillis because as Speaker, Tillis proved he would put the special interests’ priorities ahead of what’s right for middle class families,” said Hagan spokesman Chris Hayden, as part of a rebuttal to the ad.


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  • goldenosprey May 21, 2014

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    Thy Kool-Ade runneth over. Neither side tells it straight in their ads, especially from non candidate PACs. Critical thinking - the other huge deficit.

    And it may come to a surprise to you, but a lot of us progressives studied hard, got good jobs with decent insurance. My benefit has nothing to do with premium costs but rules that insurance co.s can no longer discriminate. It is the self-absorbed right that gets fig-leaf coverage, and if it isn't enough they just pass the expense on to the hospital/doctor/people with real insurance. Try life outside the reactionary bubble. You might learn something.

  • foodstamptrader May 21, 2014

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    I'm sure golenspray benefitted. Many takers who received subsidies through Obamacare benefitted.

    Of course the rest of us had to pay for it, but that is the leftist way of "cost savings"....

  • foodstamptrader May 21, 2014

    This is Hagan's rebuttal? To throw out some paranoid speculation about "evil" Karl Rove trying to control NC? LOL!!!

    Since she lied to NC citizens about Obamacare, and they are calling her on it, she has no rebuttal! She is a PROVEN liar, and is willing to sell out her constituents to please Dear Leader Obama.

    Do we want a proven liar to represent us again? Good grief people!

  • lessismore May 21, 2014

    So, Obama and the democrats want our health care system to look like and operate like the Veterans Administrations hospital system.....interesting.

  • icdmbpppl May 21, 2014

    I find it a little strange that all of the Obama supporters on this forum haven't suffered increasing prices or loss of their doctor or hospital. I suspect they aren't being truthful, or they are receiving coverage paid for by the rest of us.

  • icdmbpppl May 21, 2014

    There is a huge difference between the Crossroads ad criticizing the ACA and the Senate Majority ad targeting Thom Tillis, in that the Crossroads ad targeting Hagan is truthful, and the Senate Majority ad is a blatant lie. You can't expect the truth from a group run by Harry Reid. There's nothing good about Obamacare.

  • shallottemustang May 20, 2014

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    I don't believe you. I don't know of ANYONE who didn't see their insurance go up unless they now get it for free in which case I say go pay for your own like I do!!!

  • Ty Shrake May 20, 2014
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    Under the ACA people (the newly insured) are STILL subsidized just like they were when they were uninsured. Nothing has changed about that. But as a bonus the ACA cancelled the insurance of millions of people without their knowledge or consent. The most transparent administration... EVAH.

  • goldenosprey May 20, 2014

    You were subsidizing the uninsured before the ACA. Uninsured people were not going completely without care, it was just more expensive and less efficient. This has been shown innumerable times but conservatives refuse to acknowledge this basic fact.

    You are also dead wrong about me. I had an employer plan so I did not qualify for a subsidy. It is true some lost their fig leaf coverage, but now peoples' coverage may actually keep them from bankruptcy.

    All I learned from Fox was baloney about Benghazi and Ailes' affinity for leggy blondes.

  • earnyourownway May 20, 2014

    We will vote against any candidate who seeks to return us to the dark age of denial for pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps. goldenosprey

    I prefer the dark age. At least then I only had to care and provide for my family. If your family benefited from the ACA, then it's only because you qualified for the subsidy. I did not qualify, mine premium went from $609.00 a month to $1458.00 a month. Now you know of someone it affected. As for Fox news, maybe if you watched more you would learn something.