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Posted June 23, 2014

Former U.S. House Speaker Tip O'Neill is known for this observation: "All politics is local." I would take that a step further and say "All news is local."

I don't mean that there is not important state, national and world news we need to follow. But it is fair to say that what happens in our towns, neighborhoods and counties has a very direct impact on our quality of life. The acronym NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) arose for a reason. We care deeply about what happens close to home -- a new business opens, a principal at our child's school leaves, tax rates are increased to fund new projects, roads we drive to and from work are closed or under construction. 

To help you find more news near your home or work, we have introduced a new feature called News Near Me. As we publish stories, we assign them either to a specific address or a city. We then place markers on a Google map that represent those stories. 

You'll also notice some numbers on the map. This represents when more than one story has been assigned to the same location. In some cases, a story does not have a single specific location. In those cases, we assign the story a city based on where the reporting for the story took place. That means that the center of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other cities are likely to have more than one marker. Zoom in to street level and the number will change to a series of individual markers.

You'll find News Near Me links on most of our stories, and on the homepage and News section front. Also, each story has what is called a "dateline" at the very beginning. This is intended to help you quickly know the location of the story. We have linked the datelines in each story to our News Near Me feature so that you can click to find other nearby stories.

So take a few minutes and try looking at the news in a whole new way.




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