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A clarion call to end Fayetteville's youth violence

Posted July 8, 2014

— Ravon Detrail Jordan, 19, spoke out against violence.

But instead of attending Fayetteville State University this fall, his death - a result of gunshot wounds from a gang shootout - has fueled anger in a city that has become associated with violence.

Jordan’s mother, Felicia, has had enough.

“That rage (over her son's death) has turned into a rage that just wants justice,” she said. “I deserve justice.”

Felicia Jordan expressed sadness and frustration while speaking in front of hundreds of people during a rally outside the Cumberland County Courthouse on Tuesday. Residents, politicians and other public officials gathered to call for an end to what has become a familiar occurrence in Fayetteville.

An occurrence that has been heartbreaking for Felicia Jordan and Clotilda Barnes.

Barnes’ 18-year-old daughter, Shaniqua Simmons, and her boyfriend, Jacoy Nathan Mahorn, 29, were found dead inside a Barrington Place apartment on May 1. It was the second double-homicide of the year at the troubled apartment complex, formerly known as Cambridge Arms.

Barnes attended Tuesday’s rally but did not speak.

Nearly two weeks later, Ravon Jordan spoke in favor of closing the complex during a May 12 city council meeting.

Ravon Jordan and Shaniqua Simmons were best friends.

On June 23, Ravon Jordan was at a house party on Grandview Drive when more than 70 bullets were fired between two rival gangs.

Ravon Jordan was shot in the head. He died the next day. Investigators don’t believe his speaking out against the complex led to his killing.

Fayetteville police Chief Harold Medlock spoke about the city’s youth violence problem in long, weary pauses during Tuesday's rally, highlighting a triple-shooting from over the weekend.

“One of them died, two of them were injured, and not one of them was over 21-years-old,” he said.

Daniel Cortez Morrison, 21, was pronounced dead at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center on July 5 after he was dropped off at the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Out of Fayetteville’s 34 homicides since the beginning of 2013, 17 of those charged are between ages 14 and 26, as noted in the Fayetteville Observer’s Seeking Safety series.

In January, a group of five males, ages 14 to 24, were each charged with murder in connection with a January 20 double-homicide inside a Barrington Place apartment.

“Today, the jail is full of mostly young, violent people,” Cumberland County Sheriff Earl Butler said during a March roundtable discussion about Fayetteville crime.

Stemming that tide, said Rep. Marvin Lucas, D-Cumberland, requires parents to know what their children are doing.

"Parents, do you know what your children are doing,” he asked during the rally. “Do you monitor their cell phones? Do you know about their collective tweets?"

Another solution came from a promise by Medlock.

"If you know someone, especially a child, who is carrying an illegal firearm, you call us, and we'll come and get it,” the police chief said. ”No questions asked."


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  • 50s Child Jul 9, 2014

    IQ has nothing to do with education. It's a measure of the ability to solve problems.

  • George Costanza Jul 9, 2014
    user avatar

    A gun is an inanimate object. It cannot load, aim fire by itself. It is incapanle of being dangerous without the hands of a human being. It is no more responsible for a death than saying a car is when a drunk driver kills someone. Again, it is the age of no moral accountability. Blame the gun.

  • Sean Creasy Jul 9, 2014
    user avatar

    Remove all guns and all of this killing will suddenly cease?

    — Posted by btneast

    View quoted thread

    ............. How can you really believe that?? It is a documented FACT that if you take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens crime will INCREASE by 300% to 400%. Just look at what happened in Australia when their goverment did EXACTLY that.... Violent crime took off because only the criminals had guns then!!!

  • Bernadette Dan Unger Jul 9, 2014
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    We don't need to take legal guns away, we just need to start prosecuting and hard prosecuting those that commit crimes with guns. Wake up people and see what crimes are being committed out there and what is being dealt out as punishment. Count the number of 2nd and 3rd timers committing the same crimes and still on the streets. Make jail an UGLY place to go, have the crims work on a road gang for about 15 hours a day.....regardless of the temp, hot or cold!

  • Sean Creasy Jul 9, 2014
    user avatar

    Heres a suggestion.. Quit letting your kids run wild!!!! Make rules for them and ENFORCE THEM!!! It's way past time people start taking responsibility for what their kids are doing and take the blinders off. NO HE OR SHE IS NOT THE PERFECT KID you try to fool everybody into believing.. Kicking the goverment out of family affairs and bringing back corpral punishment would be a great way to start...

  • btneast Jul 9, 2014

    A real good portion of it will, yes.LOL......so the human element has little effect on violence? The anger and malice that pushes people to shoot someone would suddenly evaporate if there were no guns? We would all "just get along"?

  • Super Hans Jul 9, 2014

    View quoted thread

    A real good portion of it will, yes.

  • btneast Jul 9, 2014

    and we definitely do not have a gun problem in this country. Nope, none. The 100,000+ shot every year So, the guns are 100% of the CAUSE of all of this violence and death? Remove all guns and all of this killing will suddenly cease?

  • Super Hans Jul 9, 2014

    View quoted thread

    Yeah, especially the guns. Guns certainly play no role in violence, and we definitely do not have a gun problem in this country. Nope, none. The 100,000+ shot every year would have just been shot with something else. What we really need to reduce all this gun violence is, follow the logic here, MORE GUNS!

  • disgusted2010 Jul 9, 2014

    Just heard the story on the noon news. The anti's at WRAL painted the entire story as about "gun violence."

    WHen will the liberals at WRAL stop with their anti gun agenda, report the news instead of trying to make it and stop with the blame everything but the criminals line?