Good news: Gas is low as summer driving begins

Posted May 17, 2013

— With Memorial Day and a season of day trips, beach weekends and family vacations right around the corner, gas prices are a source of good news to drivers.

On Western Boulevard in Raleigh Friday, a gallon of regular unleaded gas cost about $3.42. Elsewhere in the Triangle, it can be had for even less. 

Sheila Harris' eagle eyes found gas at $3.27 per gallon on South Saunders Street in Raleigh. "It's $3.27 here, which is great because right down the street there, they're $3.28." she said. "I was like, 'Why a penny difference?'" 

Garnett Kara also finds the prices are lowest on South Saunders. "This is like the hot spot to get the gas, so this is where everybody comes," he said.

The average price across the Triangle Friday was $3.40 per gallon.

"Prices are trending well lower than I think many of us expected this time of year," said North Carolina State University economist Mike Walden. 

gas prices Get gas while prices are low

He explained the trend as a matter of supply and demand.

"We're not driving as much per car as we used to," he said, "And, of course, more people are getting more fuel-efficient vehicles."

Walden added a caveat, though. Drivers should not expect prices to continue to sink. History shows, as drivers take to the roads, the price of gas typically rises in the summer months.


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  • Ex-Republican May 20, 2013


    WolfPackAlum, In May of 2004 the average price of gas was a $1.43 according to that chart. Right smack-dab in the middle of the Bush-Cheney years.

    If you're going to provide charts like that for an argument, you must know that people from the other side of the argument will use the same data against you.

  • Ex-Republican May 20, 2013

    I am very pleased to see that most of the posts here are questioning the "low gas prices". Most Americans aren't stupid and don't suffer from a short term memory. $2.60 is a low (reasonable) price for gas, not $3.27. Even $2.60 is price gouging compared to June 1st of 2004 when average price per gallon hovered at about $2.00.

  • flyguync May 20, 2013

    "If Bush hadn't shipped all of our jobs to India and China, their economies wouldn't be booming and consuming more oil, thus driving up the price of gas to where it is now."

    Wow, Bush was one powerful dude for a president. Maybe Obama can just wave his hands and all those jobs will be back.

  • saturn5 May 20, 2013

    Why is it whenever production across the globe drops, prices go up and people say it's global supply and demand, but if domestic production increases, it won't matter because it'll be sold somewhere else? Is it only a global market when we buy it from overseas or what?

  • CicnyKid May 20, 2013

    Anyone remember $0.29/gallon and bow tie wearing service station attendants who would run out to your car, fuel your car, check your oil, and bring you your change?

  • Obamacare survives May 20, 2013

    If Bush hadn't shipped all of our jobs to India and China, their economies wouldn't be booming and consuming more oil, thus driving up the price of gas to where it is now.

  • ct girl May 20, 2013

    I managed to get gas at the Shell station on S. Saunders this morning. It wa $3.29. I had seen a few stations in the area had already raised their priced to $3.39 since yesterday. I did not want to risk all the other stations matching that price before I got home this afternoon.
    I was a little confused when report has gas as being priced lower but then someone else said the prices are going up for the holiday weekend.

  • WageSlave May 20, 2013

    My Silver quarter still buys the same gallon of gas it bought in 1964. :-).

    Seriously though, i'll take 3.50 a gallon. Gets me 42 miles on my 28 year old car.

  • Cock a doodle doo May 20, 2013

    I've been to several countries this month, and our gas is low. Americans can't seem to realize that we and the Europeans are no longer the only people on this planet with cars.

    And to those who think the panacea is drilling for more oil here (I'm for that btw) you got another think coming. It will get sold to China where the companies can make some $.

  • WolfPackAlum May 20, 2013

    >>"Remember 5 or 6 years ago, the media and liberals were screaming that Bush, Cheney and their buddies in the oil industry had conspired to push gas prices up to an incredible $1.69!"

    Exactly 5 years ago, average gas prices were approaching an all-time record high of $4.12/gal. Prices have not broken that record since.