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Six charged in shooting at Rocky Mount mall

Posted March 26, 2013

— Rocky Mount police have made two arrests and are seeking three men on charges of inciting a riot and assault linked to a shooting at Golden East Crossing Mall a year ago. One other suspect in is custody on another charge and is expected to be arrested.

Police arrested Markelius Leon Chambers, 19, on Sunday and Kevin Felix Romain, 18, on Monday. They have warrants out for Travis Jamar Pope, 17, Dominick Jermaine Parker, 19, and Jaquaan Raqueze Harris, 18. Nykeem Tayquan Odom, 17, is the one already in custody.

Close family friend Sandra Knight said Tuesday that Chambers is innocent.  

 Rocky Mount's Golden East Crossing Mall Three sought in Rocky Mount mall shooting

The six men all face the same set of charges for the gunfire inside the mall March 3, 2012, that frightened shoppers and employees and left a 13-year-old boy wounded. Investigators say the shooting was a fight between two gangs. 

"It was very horrific," said City Councilman Andre Knight. "For something like this to happen in a place where you have multiple people shopping and just relaxing ... This should never have happened."


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  • midnightclay Mar 26, 2013

    It all starts at home

  • oleguy Mar 26, 2013

    Bring back the chain Gangs,, They wanta be in a gang, stripes and Balls, put them on the side of the road, 10 hours a day, winter, summer,, pick up trash, dig ditches

  • JohnnyVoodoo Mar 26, 2013

    Oh yeah, I've been to that mall over there in Rocky Mount. Didn't look like a mall to me either....felt like I was walking into the projects.

  • lessismore Mar 26, 2013

    Proud liberal....this is a race issue...look at the statistics and see who commits most crimes. But, black leaders ignore the problem....and want more welfare and entitlements instead of jobs and marriages within the black community. Look at the statistics....drop out rate in high school....and crimes.......open our eyes.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Mar 26, 2013

    This type of violence is common within the black culture of society as we know it today. These young black kids have grown up in this environment and it's the only way of life they know. Only when the individuals in these black communities learn to take responsiblities of their own actions will the cycle of violence as a collective start to see a positive impact. Obviously, statistics show that most crimes like this are committed by young black males, so it only makes sense to me that the young black males themselves are the ones who can reverse the trend. I hope one day, they will "get it" and try to better themselves.

  • peace2u Mar 26, 2013

    Something wrong with the way many black youth, especially boys, are being raised these days. Sounds like Colon Willoughby was right about needing more intervention programs for juveniles.

  • pinball wizard Mar 26, 2013

    The mall in Wilson has closed, it is only a matter of time for Rocky Mount and other malls like Greenville, South Point, Triangle East. Comes down to one thing, violence from kids. nbn.

  • miketroll3572 Mar 26, 2013

    I noticed everyone is spewing their racist rants. Lets give these kids the benefit of the doubt. Proud Liberal

    Take them into your home then and dicipline them hot shot!

  • Half Red Half Blue Mar 26, 2013

    This is why I just moved out of Rocky Mount. I avoid it at all cost.

  • lisaclark2 Mar 26, 2013

    Last time I was at the mall, it was nowhere I wanted to be. Grew up near Rocky Mount, and this use to be really nice place to shop. It's amazing how a business has to suffer because it's a public place and can't not say what type of customers they want and will except...