Triangle cloudy, some storms to south

Posted December 17, 2012

— The sun peeked through at mid-day Monday over the Triangle to provide a brief respite in an otherwise cloudy day. Those clouds will build back in through the afternoon and some rumbles of thunder may follow, said WRAL meteorologist Nate Johnson.

An area of upper-level energy will bring the chance for some of those storms to become severe, Johnson said, but that chance is most likely toward the state line. 

"We will add another quarter of an inch to half an inch in the Raleigh area by Tuesday morning," said WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.

South of the Triangle, including parts of southern Harnett and Lee counties, will see an elevated risk of severe weather. The risk will last into Monday night. Between a half-inch and an inch of rain could fall.

"Then, Tuesday is much quieter," said WRAL meteorologist Mike Maze.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see pleasant weather, with a good deal of sunshine and highs in the low to mid 60s. That mild stretch will come to an end on Thursday, when a second cold front comes through and sparks a chance for showers and storms again.

"It's really cold for the arrival of winter on Friday," Maze said.

Friday will see a high around 49 degrees and a low around the freezing mark. Temperatures will pop back up into the mid 50s as sunshine reigns for the weekend.


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  • Hans Dec 18, 2012

    Wow! How about all that rain last night, folks? I'm still bailing out.

  • ThomasL Dec 18, 2012

    I am glad to see no rain chance after Thursday and hopefully the rain will come later Thursday night.As far as needing rain I got over a inch with the last round my pee gravel drive pure moves and shorts with all the moisture under it so thank god the rain is gone for now.As for the comments on wanting snow go live up north you must not own farm land like I do to have to put up with the idjets with four wheelers that think they can ride all over your property that makes me have to call the sheriffs department out or I go to them armed and pised off.

  • jblake1932 Dec 17, 2012

    Just as I stated this morning, the upper air currents are not favorable for severe storms. Maybe one day they can get the forecast somewhat closer to reality. SSMH. I saw this last nite.

  • yukonjohn3 Dec 17, 2012

    Here is a site with a webcam that shows COLD. Not your average cold, but VERY COLD!! It was 52 below zero here this morning, finally at noon it is up to 50 below. Hope ya'll will get some snow, even maybe by Christmas!!

  • Hans Dec 17, 2012

    "I don't see anything about tornadoes here." - simplelogic

    That's because they changed the story once they realized their forecast was once again going to be incorrect.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Dec 17, 2012

    We certainly need some rain, and lots of it.

  • simplelogic Dec 17, 2012

    "How come WRAL is the only local outlet saying anything about tornadoes?"

    I don't see anything about tornadoes here.

  • anderson Dec 17, 2012

    Hate to shoot down everyone's dream, I'd like snow as much as anyone, but this winter's pattern is setting up just like last year...neutral NAO and PNA...nothing to push storms deep enough south to bring us much cold air

  • Hans Dec 17, 2012

    How come WRAL is the only local outlet saying anything about tornadoes?

  • harmstrong4 Dec 17, 2012

    departing for Vietnam and Hong Kong for Xmas...on 23rd Dec...hold that snow till I leave. thank you.