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Halloween Movie Night

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curated by Ryan Martin

NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF (1981, 92 minutes, dir: Jacinto Molina)
"El Retorno del Hombre Lobo"! 
Perhaps THE magnum opus of Paul Naschy, the world's greatest werewolf actor, who perfected the role of El Hombre Lobo over the course of twelve films. "Night of the Werewolf", in my opinion, is a summation of the best parts of his previous Hombre Lobo movies into an over-the-top gothic fever dream. A full moon every night, fog, vampires, castle ruins, and the most beastly blood-slobberingly barrel-chested turbo wolfman in film history. Classic!!! 

FLESHEATER (1988, 88 minutes, dir: Bill Hinzman) 
Bill Hinzman portrayed the first zombie in George Romero's classic "Night of the Living Dead", and later went on to write, produce, edit, direct and star in this highly entertaining low budget splatter film. Some kids partying in the woods manage to awake an evil corpse buried beneath a pentagram on HALLOWEEN NIGHT and things really pop off. 


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