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911 caller in Cary stabbing: 'He's trying to kill her'

Posted May 2, 2012

— A woman who called 911 during a stabbing at a Cary apartment told the dispatcher that neighbors saw a man with a knife who was "trying to kill" a woman early Sunday.

"My neighbors are over here talking about how my neighbor is getting killed. All I can hear is them screaming. Somebody's screaming, 'He's trying to kill her. He's got a knife,'" the neighbor said in a 911 call released Wednesday.

Jason Greenlee, 30, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in the assault. Police have not commented on Greenlee's relationship to the victim, Stephanie Cary, but the neighbor told 911 that the two were living together in an apartment across the hall.

Cary's condition has not been released, but police described her injuries as "serious."

The caller said the victim's children were inside the apartment, at 105 Ribbon Lane, at the time. One of the children, a girl, went across the hall to the caller's apartment while she was on the phone with 911. 

She said several of her neighbors saw Greenlee stabbing and beating Cary, but that she didn't feel safe leaving her apartment to see what was going on. 

Before the assault, the caller said, she heard arguing.

"They were arguing and she told him he had to go because her kids were in there. Now, he's beating her up," the caller said.

She said she didn't know the people involved and that they had just moved in a week ago.

Greenlee was being held Wednesday at the Wake County jail on a $3 million bond.

After officers arrived on the scene around 5:45 a.m. Sunday, police said Greenlee took Cary hostage inside the apartment. He released her children and sister-in-law, who were unharmed. Cary was let out some time later and taken to WakeMed.

Greenlee barricaded himself in the apartment and was eventually taken into custody shortly before 9 a.m., police said. He was treated for self-inflicted injuries at a local hospital and then released into police custody Tuesday.


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  • ndadszucs May 8, 2012

    n ter tained - does he have a conviction now? Mine does, the problem though, they'd have to search his full name. Not that it really works anyways; some poor girl got involved with him just after he was convicted and placed on house-arrest... knowing full-well what he was convicted of. sigh.

  • n ter tained May 7, 2012

    I know this is too little too late for this thread, but for those of you that think doing a criminal background check will show you who the abusers are? Guess again. My ex never had a criminal record, and he still beat the snot out of me. *shrug* guess that blows that little theory, huh?

  • ndadszucs May 3, 2012

    agrobinson3 - I grew up with the man who abused me. I had known him for 17 years before we even started dating; I had absolutely NO idea what lay inside of him until it was way too late. Some people are just really good and putting on masks and keeping them on; men like these will only take them off, unfortunately, in front of those who they love the most. It's so sad :(

  • beach2011 May 3, 2012

    Cary is such a bad crime area!!!

  • agrobinson3 May 3, 2012

    I'm shocked. I went to school with him from k-12. He was always nice and didn't start any trouble. He worked a couple of good jobs to take care of the family. I'm not sure what triggered him to snap. By no means am I condoning what he did but all of the facts need to come out. This is not the Jason I know.

  • seankelly15 May 3, 2012

    ims1924 - "My father always said that PC was the enemy of the truth."

    Then he was as diminished capacity as you are. "Truth" is not racial pejoratives and racial stereotyping.

  • NiceNSmooth May 3, 2012

    Background checks would be great but unfortunately some don't want to pay fee - just trusting the newness of the person/relationship to stay as happy as it is when it began.

    there is a lot of free criminal background information online... just takes the want to know..

  • babbleon May 3, 2012

    There are warning signs that every parent should teach their children. They don't catch everyone, but it may help:

    1) Isolating you from family and friends - insults, rudeness, etc

    2) Controlling behavior - always picking the time and place for the date, not listening to where you want to go or what you like, insulting you / your looks / your taste (it undermines your confidence which makes you easier to control).

    3) Rushing the relationship - wanting to move in together in less than 6mo, over-the-top gestures (ie, 10 dozen roses on the 2nd date, or 3rd date is a weekend at the beach), etc.

    4) Temper - losing it in traffic, etc

    The guy my friend wanted to go home with after he almost got in a fight his first night at the bar? Very Bad Idea.

    Don't listen to the apologies after the 2nd time unless you really see it getting better. There are other fish in the sea, and you are worth waiting for a good one.

  • omy. May 3, 2012

    Background checks would be great but unfortunately some don't want to pay fee - just trusting the newness of the person/relationship to stay as happy as it is when it began.

  • ims1924 May 3, 2012

    I want to comment but WRAL will refuse to print it becaause it will not be PC. My father always said that PC was the enemy of the truth.