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911 Call Released in Raleigh Cabbie's Slaying

Posted April 23, 2008

— A Raleigh cab driver, who was stabbed to death Monday night, called a fellow cab driver asking for help.

Sabiu Tukur, 52,  told the cabbie he had been stabbed in the stomach. That cab driver called 911 dispatchers as he drove to find Tukur, who was blocks away.

Officers found Tukur after his car crashed into a fence in the 1100 block of Brighton Road. He died at WakeMed Tuesday morning.

Joseph Emmanual Caldwell, 24, was charged with murder and armed robbery in connection with Tukur's slaying, and Davin Jerome Heard, 28, was charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, police said.


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  • kodi Apr 24, 2008

    I was riding through town with two of my employees when one asked the other if he had seen so and so. The answer was no it was winter so he was back in jail. I asked what winter had to do with it. He told me that this guy as well as others he knew would purposely break the law in the fall so as to get put behind bars for the winter. To cold out here for them he said. True or not I do not know but he seemed believable. If the best we have is the threat of their loss of freedom and they jump at the chance when it gets cold. We are fighting a losing battle.

  • enoughsenough Apr 24, 2008

    WRAL would not let my last comment go through, I must be too hard on murderers.

  • unchick Apr 24, 2008

    No value of life! This is terrible. Why don't they just take the money but not kill.

  • imwithpeedee Apr 24, 2008

    This is sad to hear!!

    On another note, I'm surprised to see that no one has posted anything about Raleigh crime like they do Durham crime. What a difference a city makes.

  • n2wds Apr 24, 2008

    Free health care, 3 meals a day, weights and basketball daily, no bills. No worry. Prison is not that bad.

  • kodi Apr 24, 2008

    Either these people are so stupid as to think they will not get caught or the threat of incarceration is not of a concern to them. Stupidity is something we can not stop so lock them up forever. If the threat of jail is not a deterrent then we must make life in prison very undesirable. It appears that life in prison for many of these folks has become nothing more than an alternative. At what point do we say enough is enough?

  • weathergeek Apr 24, 2008

    It's heartbreaking to listen to this.

  • twc Apr 24, 2008

    We keep making lame excuses why we won't build the facilities that are needed to lock criminals up so they will keep killing!!