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Patrons enjoy first day of State Fair

Posted October 16, 2014

— On the first day of the N.C. State Fair, attendees were comfortable riding the rides.

"Because of what happened last year, I think that they're going to do a better job with trying to make sure that the rides are actually more safer for everyone," said Feza Scarboro.

State inspectors cleared all but six of the 102 rides on the midway, and while no major problems were reported, one new ride, the Delusion, was shut down temporarily.

Jacob Bowers was in line for the ride.

"It was kinda scary but we'll wait out until later and probably head back," he said.

It was reopened, but another test found that a computer glitch affected the locking mechanism for one of the seats.

Madilynn Hendricks was on the ride when it was stopped a second time.

"I was watching the seat the whole time," she said.

Thursday night was the best time to experience the rides – unlimited ride wristbands were available for $28, but only on Thursday.


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  • Angie Cox Oct 17, 2014
    user avatar

    anybody who would ride those rides are crazy!

  • Garnerwolf1 Oct 17, 2014

    Explain the honor system remark. They're inspected daily. The guy intentionally caused the malfunction last year after it had been reviewed. You can argue about how good a job they do inspecting, but they are inspected.

  • Ishitonthewralcorncobdesk Oct 17, 2014

    I'm glad to see the "honor system" for inspecting rides is staying is being utilized again this year. It proved to work so well last year.

  • Garnerwolf1 Oct 17, 2014

    Define "safe". Driving a car? Air travel? Heck, walking across a street? Sitting in your house during a bad storm with large trees around? You can choose to live in fear. Or not. Also, a little common sense goes a long way.

  • Ishitonthewralcorncobdesk Oct 17, 2014

    Another news station showed that the roller coaster ride had 9 significant structural cracks in the steel.

  • babylaceycarpenter Oct 17, 2014

    "more safer"

    Is this really proper English?

  • xylem01 Oct 17, 2014

    I'd be more worried about catching Ebola or that Enterovirus 86 than the rides. Who knows where all those people have travelled to or who they may have come in contact with that may have flown somewhere.

  • robert Hancock Oct 16, 2014

    Coming Monday from wake forest

  • robert Hancock Oct 16, 2014

    Can't wait for Monday joining with a crowd from wake forest

  • 31575 Oct 16, 2014

    Would have been nice if Mr. Broward had listed the 12 that hadn't been certified so we'd all know not to get on them. Kinda hard to call it a story since the only sentence is a repeat of the headline.