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80-Year-Old Attacked in Warren County Home

Posted July 9, 2007

— Warren County investigators want to know who raped and robbed an 80-year-old woman at her home near Warrenton.

According to the Warren County Sheriff's Office, the man slipped a note under the woman's door. As she reached for it, he forced his way into the home, authorities said.

Investigators said the woman has trouble seeing, but they have a possible description of the man from neighbors.


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  • doodad Jul 9, 2007

    Forgot to mention that she was murdered as well.

  • doodad Jul 9, 2007

    Do we know the race of the victim or suspect yet? Last year in my community, an 80 year old well respected educated black lady was raped and beaten in her home by a black drifter. He stole her car afterwards. Why couldn't he just take the car? Let's not judge race here, just the crime please.

  • CestLaVie Jul 9, 2007

    "Animal Lover, Do you feel that God just wants us to sit back not take an active role in the world around us?" - NO.

    Yelena: I agree with you that our laws & crime sentences should be tougher, BUT they are not, & you know as well as I do that crime & violence are UP, that victims are usually the losers twice (once for the crime against themselves or their loved ones, & secondly when our court system doesn't deliver justice), & that generally, citizens are crying out for justice but are not being heard. Our legal system is in shambles with lawyers running the show on "precedence". "They" seem to be winning, at any cost.

    So now, just what would you like me to personally do to take an active role in helping with all of this problem?? If I'm 60+ years old, work a full-time job, run my personal business, you can see I have a whole lot of time to work on this project of yours.

    Many want revenge on this person; my Bible tells me the Lord gets the revenge, no matter what we do.

  • isabella731 Jul 9, 2007

    To do this to an 80 year old woman.....the person is an animal. And no, I am not trying to degrade animals. Bottom line is, this lady will have to live in her home, maybe alone and afraid for the rest of her life. I too pray that she has friends and/or family nearby.

  • littleredwolfie Jul 9, 2007

    This victim is in my thoughts and prayers. I have seen too many of these cases over the past 20 years...and, I still don't understand it. Life without parole is too good for this guy!!!

  • Doctor Dataclerk Jul 9, 2007

    There is no punishment suitable for a person who did that to this woman. Lethal injection in too close to a vacation in Disneyland compared to what he should get.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Jul 9, 2007

    there's few pieces of trash low enough to do something like this. "thug" is too complimentary a term...

  • none123 Jul 9, 2007

    Glad you agree. Check out my blog on crime and the potential of our society.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Jul 9, 2007

    sick of thugs, you and I are on the same page. I do believe and know as a fact that thugs comes in all races. As I stated before, most on this forum want to on associate the word "THUG" to only black men. Ignorance is what I call that type of mindset. Complete ignorance.

  • skinnycow Jul 9, 2007

    @sick of thugs

    No, I apologize. I misread your comment. It was a misunderstanding on my part. My mistake. Take care.