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8-year-old charged with assaulting toddler

Posted July 8, 2009

— Police have charged an 8-year-old in an assault on a toddler.

A 2-year-old was assaulted on July 1, and following an investigation, police on Tuesday charged the 8-year-old with one count of crime against nature. No other details of the case were released.

The case will be handled by the state Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, police said.


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  • just laura Jul 8, 2009

    QUOTE: Eight year's old is saying, "Eight year is old".

    Yep, this is another option that I didn't think about, in addition to the "old" belonging to the eight year. Still doesn't work though.

  • just laura Jul 8, 2009

    QUOTE: "The corrected one is at the top. You need to learn your english, darling. :) The bottom one above is wrong. lol"

    As others have pointed out, my correction is correct.

    QUOTE: "eight year's old " (correct)

    This would indicate that the "old" belongs to the eight year.

    QUOTE: Should be "eight year old's." (wrong)

    This indicates that something (in this case it's behavior) belongs to the eight year old.

  • cth1 Jul 8, 2009

    Professor-"This was not the first time this 8 year old assaulted this child. Parents are more to blame than the the eight year old boy."...... How do you know this was not the first time?? Do you this family personally? I hope you're only stating an opinion and not a fact.
    Children are exposed to so much information now! They see stuff on the internet, video games, tv, magazines...etc...etc.. Yes, I know there are ways you can block information..but, a child can still see stuff like that if they really want to. They stay at friends house..friends show them stuff at school... etc.etc.etc!
    This is such a sad story!!

  • missdawg Jul 8, 2009

    Obviously no one on this forum was ever eight years old. Congratulations on being born straight into adulthood. Children that age do NOT understand what they are doing, and they DO make mistakes. I don't believe that charging an eight year old child with a crime will do anything to benefit the child because he can't truly understand what he did. He might have figured out after the fact that it was wrong (because someone told him it was), but I don't believe that possibly sending him to juvy is the right answer.

  • BruiserB Jul 8, 2009

    Professor - it is "eight year old's" behavior. Eight year's old is saying, "Eight year is old".

  • 4lilboys Jul 8, 2009

    Hearing stuff like this makes me wonder what is this world coming to... Poor babies, both of them. Someone said a little while ago that this was probably done to the 8 year old. It is sad but it is true.

  • LOC Jul 8, 2009

    Eight years old.. People please where is his MOMMA!! Charge her... or his DADDY!!!

  • smcallah Jul 8, 2009

    Why should the responsible adult be charged? The responsible adult is probably the one who discovered this happening and stopped it. Do you think the 2 year old called the police?

  • krazykristie06 Jul 8, 2009

    Professor...I think you need to go back to school. But anywho. Seeminglyopposed...Yes we punish kids at home but not charge them with something. Nothing is said as to what happended. HeII for all we know this todler could have talken a toy or even pinched the 8 year old. And then the 8 year old could have just pushed im or punched him in the arm. THAT DOES NOT DESERVE A FREAKIN CHARGE!!

  • iron fist Jul 8, 2009

    Professor you need to read the post eight year's old, incorrect