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8 Amazing Octopus Light Fixtures

Posted January 3, 2014

I love octopi: they're beautiful, they're smart, and they're just a little bit weird. Did you know that a six hundred pound octopus can compress itself down to the width of a quarter to fit in, or through, a small space? Or that octopi are notorious for escaping from their enclosures in museums and aquariums and generally making a nuisance of themselves in captivity?

In addition to being among nature's coolest animals, these lovely cephalopods also make for fantastic design and decor inspiration. Their range of colors, eight-legged good looks, and charmingly bulbous heads make them wonderful thematic inspirations for projects ranging from adorable children's toys to stunning marine-themed furnishings to terrifying sea monster art.

And one of the areas where octopi really show to their advantage is in lighting fixtures, especially in chandeliers; nothing quite like a giant octopus looming overhead! (But if you're going to install pendant lamps and chandeliers, be careful!)

So get ready for a wild ride...

This massive and amazing chandelier by masonscreations is a custom item, and you can buy your own for around $18,000. It's four feet across, with detachable tentacles that allow you to insert lights. The handmade stained glass elements in this piece are incredible, as is the sheer level of detail.

This crystal and pearl bedecked chandelier from Bethel International is about as rococo as you can get, if you're into flashy design. At $585 from Amazon and ready to ship, it's surprisingly easy to get your hands on, too!

This is a more modern interpretation, available in blue, red, white, and black for $1,255. Designers Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Cağlar have collaborated on a number of highly elegant, abstract modern home design projects like this one.

Designer Adam Wallacavage created this stunner for Anthropologie, and it's not the only octopus project he's made. Sadly, this beauty is no longer available, although you may be able to find it used. Like Wallacavage's other projects, though, expect to pay a pretty penny for any used versions you find on the market.

Just need a cute accent lamp? This little guy is $43.99 at Amazon, with several glass toppers in a range of colors available.

Here's another Wallacavage design, "Ciccolina." This is a more baroque take, complete with seashell sconces.

This one of a kind chandelier from whimsicalcollections ($300) brings the adorable to the octopus theme. See if your electrician can keep from smiling while installing this number in a kid's room or slightly goofy home office.

If the price tags on those previous fixtures gave you sticker shock, here's something that might make your tentacles wriggle in delight: this octopus-shaped LED accent lamp is only $29.99 at Amazon. Plus, thanks to the LEDs, it's highly energy efficient!

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