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7-year-old boy hit by truck in Benson

Posted July 29, 2010

— A 7-year-old boy was injured Thursday evening after riding his bike into the path of an oncoming truck at 1283 Shadetree Road in Benson, according to troopers.

The boy, whose name was not released, was being treated at WakeMed and is expected to be OK.

Troopers said he was riding along Shadetree Road and abruptly crossed the road to turn into a driveway when the truck crashed into him.

The boy was knocked off his bike and thrown a few feet, but was talking when paramedics arrived. The truck driver stayed to help and will not face charges, troopers said.


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  • krazykristie06 Jul 30, 2010

    This boy's neighborhood, is way out in the country. I grew up on Shade Tree Rd. Hardly any traffic. So I think its okay for a 7 year old to play outside on his bike...I did!!

  • leo-nc Jul 30, 2010

    "Please oh Perfect One...please give us your opinion on when it is appropriate to let your child ride a bike in their own neighborhood."--

    EXACTLY. How on earth does anyone here know that the parents weren't close by anyway? That are is a rural part of Johnston County. We're not talking downtown Durham here so OGE is dead on. Get off your high horse and get back to work.

  • danielle3018 Jul 30, 2010

    AHEM-- i agree! a 7 year old should not be out and about riding his bike with no parent especially with all the crime that happens today children get hit by cars and kidnapped from their own front yard!

    as for you OGE---- my opinion to ur rude question is when a child is old enough to defend themselves and old enough to help themselves than they can ride a bike in their own neighborhood maybe 13 NOT 7 yrs old!

    glad the little boy is ok!

  • OGE Jul 30, 2010

    AHEM - Parents...hellooooo...why is your SEVEN YEAR OLD riding thier bike in the street, probably alone?- JMHO

    Please oh Perfect One...please give us your opinion on when it is appropriate to let your child ride a bike in their own neighborhood.

  • JAT Jul 30, 2010

    gumby - kids aren't raised these days to even know what your intention was. In their minds, they had every right to do anything they wanted and you would just have to wait. Heck, people don't even know what it means nowadays when you blink your headlights at them or honk when you pass or throw your hand up to just say hey. But this kid was just being a kid - nothing new and just glad he wasn't seriously hurt.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jul 30, 2010

    If you want to tap the horn before you pass a cyclists, please do it from 100 yards back. It just feels more friendly and less aggressive that way.

    I'm glad the kid will be okay. I got hit when I was 10 crossing a road (completely my fault, I crossed too close to a hill).

  • krazykristie06 Jul 30, 2010

    OMG!! I used to live on Shade Tree Rd. I hope the boy will be okay....

  • raggy831 Jul 30, 2010

    Glad the little boy will be alright! Also glad that the driver stopped, lots of times they do not. Gumby, I know what you mean about slowing down where I live the kids, teens, and adults all ride in the middle of the street like they are trying to get hit.

  • WinnieFan Jul 30, 2010

    Sounds typical of a lot of kids today, Gumby... little brats with no home training!

  • Viewer Jul 30, 2010

    Gumby, They were just acknowledging that they knew you were there.