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67-year-old faces child sex charges

Posted May 28, 2009

— A 67-year-old Wake County man was arrested Thursday on charges of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

John Patrick Henderson, of 7724 Berkshire Downs Drive, was charged with six counts of indecent liberties with a child under 18. He was released on a $35,000 bond.

Authorities said the charges stemmed from incidents alleged to have occurred over a 15-month period with a 7-year-old.


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  • happymom May 29, 2009

    I'm with M0nky on this. I don't see how an alleged pedophile is related to Obama's election, nor do I see how Obama is responsible what this man is accused of doing. I'm also sick of hearing about how Dems are responsible for everything from flat tires to gum sticking to the bottom of someone's shoe.

    Enough already!

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM May 29, 2009

    and yet hes bail is still probably higher than some murderers, and if hes convicted he will probably do more time than killers, and yes ive known people convicted of second degree murder to get less time that people who "raped" someone that said they were 18 but happened to be 15 what a great judicial system

  • annemarek May 29, 2009

    There should have been no bail. If he is innocent time will take care of that issue but if guilty it is too much of a risk to society

  • Glass Half Full May 29, 2009

    Maybe this will never have to go to court. He's out on bond. Maybe it will be handled between the families of the parties involved and save the state some money.

  • Milkman May 29, 2009

    Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but a judge that would grant this man such a low bail should be held responsible if he commits more crimes while out on bail.

    And if he is found guilty, then golo won't publish what I think an appropriate punishment would be.

  • Piny tek May 28, 2009

    OMG...this guy got only 35,000 bond! Am assuming this is a mistake. Taking indecent liberty with a child who can pass for his great grandchild.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc May 28, 2009

    freddie makes a good point, this guy is innocent until proven guilty.

    I'm usually not this bad about jumping to conclusions like I did but a charge like this brings out strong emotions in people, me included...

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc May 28, 2009

    Yes he (Obama) will continue to erode our God given constitutionally guaranteed (ahem) rights, but so have most of the other presidents and certainly all of the congresses this century. President Obama is just continuing the trend...

    But as for this guy who took away this child's innocence, his freedom should be gone for the rest of his miserable life.

  • freddie cadetti 72 May 28, 2009

    You people listen and listen good. My brother was arrested by the RPD special victims unit, put through (you know what) costing him thousands in attorney fees, bond , and humiliation, all because of someone who wanted to seek revenge. All charges were dismissed for no probable cause, and he never even offered up anything for his defense. The RPD rushed to judgement, then the DA wouldn't even charge the accuser for malicious prosecution or false arrest.

  • m0nky May 28, 2009

    "obama hasn't taken that freedom from us yet."

    oh get off it. he hasn't taken ANY freedoms from us yet. nor will he. get over yourself.